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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: September 14, 2010 @ 1:26 pm

    Dispatches from the Fringe #2

    Laurence Mackin

    Last night might have been one of misery and winter-esque weather, and no doubt most of you were at home curling up in front of Britain’s Next Top Model. But not The Irish Times Arts desk team. Oh no, with the lash of the editor’s whip at their backs (metaphorical, I can assure the NUJ), they were scurrying around the city, taking in the best of what the Fringe had to offer. Expect sales of hot whiskeys to go through the roof at the Festival Club at the Grand Social if this nonsense continues.

    In today’s Arts pages, Michael Seaver is blown away by the exuberant performance of Ballet Ruse – five stars people. Christine Madden gets completely over-caffeinated and over-stimulated at All This and a Hill of Beans, so much so that she also manages to take in TheatreClub’s Shane Byrne Left His Sleeping Bag in the Car Again – she reckons the production is a bit chaotic and could use a touch of stagecraft. Sinead Gleeson finds Soh visually engaging, while Peter Crawley reckons Miranda Sings is a little less than pitch perfect. You can read all these reviews here.

    Last night, I made it along to Cactus: The Seduction (with a review to follow) and tonight I’m straggling the rest of the media pack, who have already moved along after being deeply impressed by Medea. I’m really looking forward to this production, given its star-studded cast and production crew, but I can’t help wondering if its pedigree is a little too pure for the Fringe? Answers on a comment postcard below please, along with any other idle Fringe gossip you might have. And don’t forgot to follow us on Twitter: @laurencemackin.

    Now that the reviews have started rolling in and word of mouth is running like wildfire through the streets of Dublin, some shows are selling very fast indeed. So if you are thinking about going to see something this weekend, get your skates on now.

    Heroin is selling fast and has almost packed out its run (I gave it four stars and well deserved they are too). A strong argument for an extended run maybe? Watch this space

    Similarly, Medea is proving very strong, with extra dates under discussion.

    Pyjama Men is all but sold out for this week, so you might need to wait until next week to catch it. Similarly, Jerk is sold out and its run ends tonight, so tough nuts there I’m afraid.

    Cactus: The Seduction is selling very strongly on the strength of word of mouth reviews – I saw it last night and expect it to be one of the top crowd pleasers from this year’s Fringe.

    There seems to be a total love-in for Berlin Love Tour, which is almost sold out for this weekend, so if you really want to go, free up your diary for next week. And the very last tickets (we are talking a mere handful here) are about to be released for Camille O’Sullivan‘s show. You heard it here first.

    Finally, the next two days of everything has the Fringe crew all of a tizzy (the show that is, not the passage of time) and is selling strongly. Get in on the act now or prepare to gnash your teeth.

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