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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: August 27, 2010 @ 11:49 am

    If you only do one thing this weekend …

    Laurence Mackin

    See: It’s all very well being cutting edge and part of the hip new thing, but sometimes you need to get a bit of tradition and grandmastery into your bones, just so you know you were born. The French Connection and the Rediscovery of Thomas Hovenden, now showing at the Ava Gallery in Bangor, Co Down, should do the trick. Obviously it features the work of Hovenden, as well as some of his more illustrious colleagues who were loosely known as the Irish Impressionists – and it’s fair to say some of the work on show here gives that lot in France a run for their francs. Expect work from John Lavery, Charles Lamb, Roderic O’Conor, Aloysius O’Kelly, Walter Osborne, some chap called William Scott and a deliciously dark portrait of a simple dinner by Katherine MacCausland. This is an exhibition that’s a touch above the rest.
    Ava Gallery, Clandeboye Estate, Bangor, Co Down. Until Sept 3rd, free

    Listen: Just because Google seem to hate them, doesn’t mean you should – Fight Like Apes are currently touring their new album, The Body of Christ and the Legs of Tina Turner, with gigs in Cork (tonight) and Galway (tomorrow). Unleash your inner simian with some quality electro rock pop. Just don’t say the G word.
    Cyprus Avenue (tonight) and Roisin Dubh (Saturday). 9pm, €12-14

    Dance: Glider has been going down a storm in the plush surroundings of Dublin’s Odessa Club in recent months. Spread your wings for some late-night ducking and diving tonight from 10pm until 2.30am. Be the hokey, it’s yer man off the radio box Dan Hegarty behind the decks, with a few of the usual suspects.
    Odessa Club, Dublin. Free, 10.30pm

    Watch: You can barely move in a theatre at the moment without bumping into some form of Sean O’Casey and sure what harm. The Silver Tassie, directed by Garry Hynes for Druid, is currently storming the gates of the Town Hall Theatre in Galway before it begins a nationwide tour. Any play that had WB Yeats going toe to toe with one of our nation’s finest playwrights is well worth your shekels. It might be more than 80 years old, but this is still a play that says an awful lot about the state of the nation. And if you are not in the westerly part of the world, why not console yourself with A Dream Play in the Peacock in Dublin? A very different, and very thrilling, kind of theatrical animal.

    Go: We realise we are pushing the arts envelope with this one but after a weekend on the tear, you need a little wind down – where better than the Dublin Flea, where you can (verbally) wrestle and (linguistically) punch your way to some classy bargains. Tea and cake will also make everything better.
    The Co-op, Newmarket Sq, Dublin 8. Sunday, free

    If you have your own recommendations, feel free to post them below. Please try and keep it brief and do declare an interest where you have one. And to put some jam in your weekend doughnut, hail to the Chief – the LA band are rolling into Dublin’s Academy 2 venue on Tuesday, which is the perfect excuse to carry your weekend over. Here they are with Night and Day which is hairier than a monkey’s uncle. Outtasight baby, outtasight.

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    • Patrick Hennessy says:

      If you only do one thing this weekend …

      BE: Be present. Be mindful. Be the person you always wanted to be instead of the person you are. To do this you don’t necessarily have to SEE, LISTEN,DANCE, WATCH or GO………. though all of these might help !!

      And you will have a great weekend.



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