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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: July 9, 2010 @ 12:24 pm

    Summer in the city

    Fiona McCann

    If you’re not bound for some musical delights in Kildare this weekend, and perhaps feeling a mite bitter about it, be appeased by the news that Temple Bar is offering up its own mini festival in its stead. Summer Sensational kicked off yesterday, as you can see by my report on it here. But in case you haven’t just clicked on that link, there are oodles of freebies available including tonight’s screening of eighties classic Dirty Dancing. For inimitable lines such as “I carried a watermelon” and “nobody puts Baby in the corner” bellowed from a big screen all across Dublin 2, Meeting House square is the venue tonight. You can even go see singer Julie Feeney perform first, and then stay for the film. And all for free! Who needs Oxegen after all?

    YouTube Preview Image
    • I once took a bunch of visiting Russian academics along to see an outdoor screening of DD. What did it all Mean, they wondered, seeking the soul in their usual way. Time will tell, I told them. Time hasn’t told yet, as I view this clip, but it looks good in the telling and was surely less of a scrum than Oxygen.

    • Deirdre Clare says:

      Hi Fiona, thanks for your great article on this. Unfortunately I seem to keep missing these great free temple bar events and the like. I wonder is there any way I can keep in the loop with these kinds of events, espescially if you’re going to keep reporting on them. Do you have a notification service about new posts or even some kind of tweet yoke thing? (god forbid!) anyway, if there’s anything I could be hooked up to, to make my penniless Dublin summer more fun, I’d appreciate it, thanks, Deirdre

    • Laurence Knell says:

      Thanks Fiona, great article as always!

      @PrettyFarWest: you can’t beat the Russians for trying to find the soul in everything… you should read some of their philosophers trying to define their own soul!!!
      @Deirdre: Try http://www.templebar.ie where you can subscribe to an email update regarding the free events etc in the area

    • Deirdre Clare says:

      @Laurence-thanks very much, also happened to stumble on this site which lists events in Dublin, http://www.visitdublin.com/ many of them free..

    • @Deirdre a good place to look is the forum on electricpicnic.ie, there’s always chat about upcoming events on that. don’t forget the festival of world cultures!

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