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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: June 4, 2010 @ 5:11 pm

    What you missed in the park

    Fiona McCann

    Guest post: There are very few civilised people in this world who can watch a silent movie without wondering, Singin’ in the Rain-style, what the characters sound like. Sure, they all look very composed, but what do they sound like? Then again, who cares? On a balmy summer evening (who, a few short years ago, could ever envisage a summer evening spent outdoors without heavy-duty raingear?) in Fitzwilliam Square in Dublin, over 2,000 people congregated in the park to watch Murnau’s Faust, to a soundtrack composed and performed by 3epkano.

    For my part, I brought a bottle of Prosecco (no glasses) and a small box of sweets; my neighbours brought a blanket, which they shared in exchange for a lemon mousse truffle. People sipped drinks out of plastic cups (the clever things), chatted, met old friends – “Jesus, but everyone’s here tonight” – and watched a classic film on a big screen, until 12.30am. Really, what else are summer evenings for? Next up, Shakespeare in the Park on June 29th . . .

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