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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: May 26, 2010 @ 3:16 pm

    It’s for you-rovision

    Fiona McCann

    It’s Eurovision time again and I can just tell from this yiz are all on the edges of yizzer seats. Last night’s semi final saw Greece, Portugal, Belarus, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Belgium, Albania and Iceland all qualify for Saturday’s finals, while our own Niamh Kavanagh battles for a place tomorrow night. What are her chances? Do we care? Are we all just tuning in with arched eyebrows and strong doses of irony, or are we really, deep down, still hoping for some of that old Eurovision magic. Cast your mind back to former winnners and remember the glories of past Eurovisions, to the nail biting finals and the dodgy phone lines, the endless process of amassing points. The hairdos and outfits, and the songs, like Nicole’s A Little Peace . . .

    YouTube Preview Image

    Or Bucks Fizz’s saucy Making Your Mind Up. Sigh. (I really fancied those fellows in their colouredy jumpers back in the day. Some things don’t stand up as well over time.)

    YouTube Preview Image

    And  Johnny Logan’s second moment of glory with that white suit and the plaintive Hold Me Now . . .

    YouTube Preview Image

    Ah Johnny, I hardly knew ye. Would these Eurovision winners still get your douze points? Any other gems from the passing years to recall with misty eye?

    As for tomorrow night, may Niamh do us proud. Here she is giving it socks at rehearsal . . .

    YouTube Preview Image
    • “while our own Niamh Kavanagh battles for a place tonight. ” She has no chance tonight, cos the semi-final is actually on tomorrow May the 27th.

    • Fiona McCann says:

      Daniel: Point taken and post now amended. Thanks!

    • Lieut. Pedantic Pants at your service, as it happens you are half right in that the juries judge on tonight’s full dress rehearsal. I have heard reasonably good things about how it went. So fingers crossed for tomorrow.

    • CDW says:

      It’s a lovely song and Niamh Kavanagh certainly still has the power in her voice….a possible contender but it’s still very brand ireland-ish old school pre 2000. I’d be interested to see what eastern europe voters will make of it despite the neighbourly voting system. I think I’ll actually watch the eurovision this year as previous years were too scarring on the eyes and ears and shameful for ireland. Will Marty be doing the commentary? Should be fun if he is!

    • Kynos says:

      Now that’s REAL horror. You should tell Donald Clarke.

    • Is Ireland a sure thing in this year’s Eurovision? The people of Ireland think so.

      A recent competition asking people to guess the outright winner of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest currently has 44% of people picking Ireland as the victor in the annual singing fest.

      There is a feeling that our time has come this year and that Ireland will be bringing home the prize.

      The competition, which was launched by DoneDeal.ie, the website that helps people buy what they want and sell what they don’t, has Sweden in second place with only 8% of the votes and Azerbaijan in third with 5%.

      When it comes to putting our money where our mouth is, though, the results are very different – PaddyPower currently has Azerbaijan as favourite and Ireland at 12/1 to win.

    • With ‘Hold Me Now’ and ‘What’s Another Year’, why isn’t Johnny Logan an MEP or something big in the UN? Is that why he wrote ‘Why Me?’

    • Fiona McCann says:

      CDW: I miss Wogan’s commentary – he made Eurovision worth watching.

      Kynos: Think Donald has enough horror on his plate for now.

      Louie: I’m not convinced!

      PFW: Good point. I can see that white suit strutting it in the corridors of Brussels. Europe would be most impressed.

    • minnie says:

      ………….there’s something about her……i like her………am going to watch tonight………..hope Niamh is at least in the top ten…………..

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