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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: March 5, 2010 @ 6:51 pm

    Ok, go make more music videos

    Fiona McCann

    Remember the guys on the treadmills? You may not remember the name of the band (OK Go). You may not even remember the name of the song (Here It Goes Again), but chances are you remember this music video. But turns out the big reward they got for such a creative endeavor, in terms of name recognition, record sales and a fanbase fostered from that video alone, is one they may have difficulty repeating. Damian Kulash Junior, the band’s lead singer and guitarist, explained why in a recent New York Times opinion piece.  “The fans and bloggers who helped spread “Here It Goes Again” across the Internet can no longer do what they did before, because our record company has blocked them from embedding our video on their sites. Believe it or not, in the four years since our treadmill dance got such attention, YouTube and EMI have actually made it harder to share our videos.” He does go on to explain why signing a deal with EMI was of such benefit to the band. But he has a lot to say to record companies about adapting to the brave new world of the internet and how it applies to music. If his final paragraph depresses you, be cheered by the fact that it hasn’t stopped the band making more cracking videos. See below.YouTube Preview Image

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