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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: March 5, 2010 @ 1:29 am

    International Women’s Ticket

    Fiona McCann

    It’s (almost) International Women’s Day and to celebrate, this weeks’ Ticket is a tribute to the female of the species, with the top twenty female artists, the ten best albums by women, the ten best singles by women, a piece on why female critics make for better films, girls who love gaming and plenty more. Once you’ve had a flick through, do send us your thoughts. And a happy almost IWD to you.

    • dealga says:

      I’m going to say something that’s probably incredibly sexist, but here goes…

      You can read some movie reviews in the ‘serious’ movie review press and neither know nor care what sex the reviewer is, which is a good thing.

      But sometimes you can spot immediately, either by the synopsis or the opening paragraph, that a woman is reviewing a certain movie. The same does not generally apply for male reviewers (in the ‘serious’ press I mean, unless we’re talking Donald Clarke and Sex And The City here).

      I then hold the fact that the gender of the reviewer has been made obvious against the review itself and decide the review clearly lacks a reasonable level of objectivity and is therefore useless.

      Sorry :-(

    • Patrick says:


      I’m guessing the reason you don’t get distracted by “maleness” from male reviewers is purely because you’re male yourself and so you just don’t notice it (you possibly think of it as a sort of default norm).

      In contrast I reckon women regularly experience moments where a reviewer’s objectivity is undermined by the overwhelming “maleness” of the music and movie press.

      So more diversity I say!

      And apologies if you’re actually a lady! (in which case, congratulations on not letting your gender compromise your objectivity)

    • K. T. Lynch says:

      Writing about art on the basis of the gender of its creator is a sexist practice itself. If one values the primacy of art over political questions every effort should be avoid this sort of “celebration”.

      If one wants to raise the standard of art, in whatever medium, then surely sheltering a certain group of artists from competition with others, and laxer standards of criticial appraisal will retard their progress.

    • dealga says:

      Possibly Patrick.

      But I’ve tried to be objective. If female readers can make the same claim, that they’ll recognise a male author of a movie review from the content of the review without checking the reviewer’s name, I’ll hold my hands up.

    • C Ryder says:

      I was curious about the comments on the Gender Issue of The Ticket. Nothing earth shattering, considering the sexism that exists in the culture areas that you cover in this magazine. However, what is stark, is this week’s issue of the Ticket, which says it all. Turn to page 8 and look at the box at bottom of page, UP THE IRISH: SIX HOMEGROWN ACTS HOT ON THE HEELS OF VILLAGERS – all men, not one woman present! International womens day is becoming like Mothers Day – cook and clean for her on that day, but she does it the other 364 days. Lets be proactive throughout the year, not just on the 8th of March.

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