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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: January 7, 2010 @ 12:45 pm

    Diary dates, lists and other miscellany

    Fiona McCann

    Plenty afoot, folks, despite the weather. First off, Fustar is back with Dreadful Thoughts: find your reading assignments here.  And in the spirit of new years, Fashionista Rosemary MacCabe has a fancy new blog here. Though the Temple Bar Trad Fest is still a fortnight or so away, it may be time to note it in the diaries. A little sooner, Conor Byrne’s county gigs continue next week at the Button Factory with Kildare, and bejapers if it isn’t Christy Moore that’s the special guest this time. And another one for your diaries, while you have them out: the IFI is offering a day of free screenings on February 6th throughout the venue. Full programme details will be released on their website www.ifi.ie towards the end of this month. And here are the so-far sounds of 2010 according to the BBC: number one slot still open, any takers?

    • Thanks for the plug there missus, this February 6th thing is doing my head in – not only is it my birthday but there are now free screenings in the IFI AND singalong Sound of Music in the Button Factory, and I’m going to be in Paris, which sounded like a great idea when I booked it but now I feel like I’m going to be missing out!!

    • Fiona says:

      Singalong Sound of Music? I am SO there. Cancel Pareee, it’ll still be there next month, and come sing doh a dear with me!

    • I would LOVE to, but I bought Pareee as a present for me fella for Christmas. What better time to bring your other half away than for your birthday?! Now I realise the universe is punishing me for being self-serving…

    • fustar says:

      Thanks for the plug! Hope to see you “there”. Just remember – don’t use Lovecraft as inspiration when naming your dog…

    • Jamie says:

      I like that you used the “word” bejapers, kudos.

    • Tuesday Kid says:

      My tip for the top are belfast band oppenhiemer. Check them out.!

    • mise says:

      I’m all in favour of these Irish Times blogs that are emerging, and how about some more? You could have an editor’s blog, for all the unpublished letters to the editor (are there heaps?). You could prevent it from turning into the usual ranters’ forum by stipulating that letters had to start with “Dear Madam’ and contain truth and a sprinkling of grammar. And would tv & radio or the Irish media in general warrant a blog of their own, or is that too populist?

      Look at that, I pressed the comment button to remark on the wonderful Singalong S of M and got distracted.

    • Fiona says:

      Mise: Agreed on all fronts – the only issues is getting people to write the posts and monitor the comments. Think it might be a resources rather than ideas issue. Is a real shame, though, as I agree there’s loads of scope. Have created a whole new Singalong S of M post just for you. . .

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