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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: December 29, 2009 @ 4:43 pm

    It’s a blue, blue world

    Fiona McCann

    Oh. Em. Gee. It’s like the most hyped and hyper publicised film, like, EVER. I mean, at least since Titanic. So I succumbed and pegged it out to see Avatar last night. And it was about as predictable as a film about massive blue humanoids struggling to save their planet from smaller, mostly pinky-white humanoids (a.k.a. humans, I guess) can be. Which didn’t make it entirely unenjoyable, mind: there were some cracking action scenes where the dumb dialogue ceased to matter, some pretty cool concepts (call me a tree-hugger, but I liked the neat bonding mechanism with animals slash nature) and the heavy-handed eco-moralising was at least on the right track. My weary eyes are still getting used to 3D, but it served up a good dollop of vertigo and made more than one cinema goer duck bullets and wince at flying particles. It’s cinema by numbers, mostly, and you can’t help but feel that James Cameron could have done so much more with a whole new planet to work with. Instead, it’s another hetero-romance wrapped up in a global conflict. Which makes for decent on-screen entertainment without stretching the intellect, and will surely send box offices into overdrive. And yeah, let’s face it, this is one you probaly shouldn’t wait to see on DVD. But it still kind of grates that Cameron’s imagination couldn’t stretch to a more challenging alternate universe, and that we’ll all reward him for it anyway. But don’t take my word for it: check out what my colleague Donald Clarke had to say about it. And then come back here and tell me what you thought.

    • jaboopee says:

      …Avatar looks like that same old ,same old ,lowest common denominator corporate film-making bullshit that says ‘nothing to me about my life ”

      Why would anyone WANT to see it ?

      As my dear old granny (grimmer than O’Grimm) used to say ” a fool and their money …”

    • I wouldn’t argue with any of that, Fiona. Though, predictably, I have received quite a few furious emails — one suggesting that I be sacked — from fans objecting to my being only mildly enthusiastic about the blasted thing. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I’d actually gone full-fledged negative. Burning effigies, I suspect.

      Incidentally, for all its ho-humness, I think it is now favourite for the best picture Oscar. Go figure.

    • says:

      I concur, entirely, I am no big fan of sci-fi as a genre, although Sunshine was fantastic.
      I was coaxed along by a friend, it did little for me. Not worth the price of admission.

      love the smiths line jaboopee!

    • HAL 2001 says:

      We have the technology but we dont have film makers like Kubrick in the Sci FI area to get in touch with that sense of the mystery of the cosmos and the great void etc.Cameron has made a fantasy kiddies movie ,Why are aliens always humanoid with a few relativley small differences,?pointy ears,blue skin,scaly stuff etc Wheres the movies for the grown up these days?

    • HAL 2001 says:

      This is a fantasy movie,like superman or even ET.It feeds into the dumb Zeitgeist, of video gaming,gadgetry for its own sake and the taste for futurology and space without the real science.Its visual drugs for the internet generation,its mindless,spineless,and unimaginative because it uses technology not to expand cultural horizons but to reinforce narrow cliches and moral standpoints.Cameron made Titanic,and one good movie AByss, the rest is his megalomanias and belief in nonsense like his laughable “discovery of the bones of Jesus”

    • Spacecadet says:

      Meanwhile back on the planet reality…

    • Aileen says:

      Ferngully in 3D!! But of course it will be the biggest-grossing movie of all time, Oscar-winning, blah blah blah. Maybe this will fund James Cameron’s retirement so we won’t have to watch any more of his lowest common denominator crap.

    • fatmammycat says:

      Smufs in spaaaaaceeee!

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