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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: December 21, 2009 @ 1:12 pm

    Slouching towards Christmas

    Fiona McCann

    Slouching towards Christmas, and everyone in the blogosphere is going off about this piece by John Burns about Irish bloggers and squawking and (wiggle your fingers in the air to show your disdain for the phrase you’re using) “tipping points”, and their general demise. Hmmm. All I can say is I can see why it may become difficult to keep doing something as time-consuming as blogging without ever getting paid for it, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to wake (in the funeral sense)  the blogosphere and move over to Twitter. There’s still a lot of excellent writing on Irish blogs (of over 140 characters, often, thereby not quite lending itself to Twitter), and it is writing that doesn’t always make it into newspapers for a myriad of reasons. Which is why I like to big up blogging betimes. It’s not always about breaking stories either, or the search for a “tipping point”. Sometimes it’s just about good writing, about voices that you like to listen to daily that don’t make their way into the broadsheet or the radio, and may not even have anything at all to say about Nama or expense accounts, rather something to say about sex, about love, about Bono, about horses, about train accidents.

    As for current affairs? Look at the latest Christmas chart-topper! Ahem, course that too began online . . .

    • Medbh says:

      His choice of RATM seemed a bit odd since they haven’t recorded in ages. It’s nice to see a little anarchy at any rate.

    • kynos says:

      Give me a lever long enough, and a place to stand, and I will move the world. Fairly axiomatically proven by now I’d say Fiona.

    • mise says:

      Yes, I agree, Irish blogs shouldn’t be expected to always be full of remit and apparent consequence. Fair enough, if that’s what people want to do, and there’s certainly a role for the equivalent of independent journalism, but there needs to be room as well for Tristram Shandy, Charles Pooter, Bridget Jones, and anyone who wants to post endless images of little birds flitting outside their window. And I find social networking is no replacement for blogging for a sense of engagement. Thanks for the mention!

    • Fiona says:

      Medbh: Agreed – apparently it was all about the song title. Shame they too are signed to Sony, however.

      Kynos: Might require a little elucidation on that one.

      Mise: For me, social networking is a different kind of engagement. It also has its place, but has a very different function.

    • kynos says:

      Well I guess since the invention of moveable type we’ve had a lever fit for purpose. Or as Jefferson called it the good opinion of mankind. All we need’s a given fulcrum.

    • Sandeep says:

      Nice post. I found just one sensible line in all the drivel in that article. I’ve blogged about it here: http://irishlawforum.blogspot.com/

    • Senan says:

      Blogging is about personal interests, and as such I believe many bloggers do write for the sheer hell of writing…which is good. It’s true that Ireland small population sometimes means limited audience, however it’s always a good thing that opinion can be aired in an public forum.

      Also bear in mind that bloggers are not necessarily all aspiring journalists. They have simply found an easy (and relatively anonymous) way of expressing themselves.

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