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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: September 11, 2009 @ 9:36 am

    Chris de Burgh sees red

    Fiona McCann

    You’ve seen it by now, haven’t you? Chris de Burgh’s response to Peter Crawley’s review of his gig? If not, read it here. And here. My favourite line: “how you must have cringed at every call of “Chris, we love you””. But that’s just me. What do you all think? And, vitriol,  self-aggrandisement and  vicious sideswipe at Joe Breen aside, does he have a point in there? Discuss, with use of relevant quotation and reference. . .

    • Kate says:

      I think it’s ironic that he refers to Peter Crawley as “puffed up with his own self-importance”!!!!

      Really! What did he expect?! For the record, I like reading Peter Crawley’s reviews and usually agree with them if I’ve been to the show also. Chris de Burgh needs to realise that if he fills the Gaeity, then there are people out there who like his music, and that he obviously can’t please everyone. To write a letter which I actually found to be quite nasty towards Peter Crawley is just as unprofessional as he claims Crawley is as it is disrespectful to journalists and Ireland also which he dismisses as a country the size of Greater Manchester. If he thinks so little of our country, then he knows where the airport is.

      Basically, de Burgh needs to suck it up and get over himself.

    • David Jo Murphy says:


      That was hilarious, De Burgh should be given a regular, criticise the critics column. He was spot on, personally I find his music nauseating and therefore would never go to one of his gigs, so I really can’t see why “Creepy Crawley”, felt the need to engage in what was, pretty much a personal attack on De Burgh.
      If anything De Burgh was simply responding in kind, and who wouldn’t. Why do Crawley even bother to show up if the review had been such a foregone conclusion in the first place. As I said I am by no means a fan of De Burgh, but Crawleys review was nothing more than crudely disguised cultural snobbery masquerading as cultural criticism!

    • Oliver Swann says:

      Why has nobody criticised the Irish Times for harbouring a journalist that makes personal attacks on performers. I don’t think publishing De Burgh’s rebuttal is a defence. Maybe the only way the Irish Times can stay ahead of the competition is to be controversial. Pity!

    • Kynos says:

      That oul’ haughty Norman bloodline just couldn’t let such impertinence from a serf pass unanswered. Surprised he didn’t set the dogs upon the oik. Creepy Crawley tho. In fairness Peter’ll get it hard trying to lose that slag. Wonder was he called that in skool? Think the whole thing’s hilarious. But the thing about being a half-decent bard is you can write a song or pome about ppl who call you nasty things and if you make it catchy enuf that’s the end of them. Why I do say the old Ard-Ri were far more terrified of Amergin and his harp than all the massed bronze of Conall Cearnach. Much more scared by the father than the son. Lilleburlero whistled a tyrannical king straight out of his kingdom once. Anyway looking forward to hearing if de Burgh includes Peter Crawley in any upcoming composition.

    • Andrew says:

      I found de Burgh’s letter side-splittingly hilarious, quite reminiscent of the Les Dennis episode of Extras. the “Chris, we love you” part was my favourite too, along with all that stuff about the rapturous reception he received.

      Having said that, I can understand his annoyance at Crawley’s review. I personally can’t stand de Burgh’s music either, finding it to be cheesy and tedious, and would probably have written a similar review had I been there. But I’m not paid by anyone to be measured and objective, as Crawley presumably is.

    • Paul says:

      Chris de B’s response reminds me of Daniel O’Donnell’s effective riposte to Germaine Greer on the Late Late — my respect for D O’D, hitherto confined to acknowledging his talent as a certain kind of C & W singer, soared immeasurably.
      I am also a supporter and defender of Cliff Richard, Barry Manolo and more recently Take That, as it annoys me when reviewers and others sneer at stars who may not be cool or macho but have artistic vitality and are bringing pleasure to huge audiences in live performances.
      Reviewers must retain the right to comment freely — however, it seems now that they can expect more public feedback.

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