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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: February 21, 2009 @ 6:31 pm

    What Oscars? It’s all about the Bloscars, dahling

    Fiona McCann

    I’m blogging this from a Cork hotel bedroom where I’m about to slip into my Valentino gown and prepare my look of unenvious rapture (as perfected by La Jolie at the Baftas recently – ennui is so close to delight, you see) when one of my fellow nominees – Scamp, Asylum, The Devious Theatre Company or Chris Judge – goes waltzing up the stage to collect the coveted gong. May the best blogs win and the celebrations begin!

    • John Self says:

      Well done Fiona! A thoroughly merited win!

    • Lar says:

      congratulations! victory is yours!

    • Congratulations, Fiona! A well-deserved win.

    • PJ Nolan says:

      Congratulations, dahling! That’s quite an achievement, given the competition! Hope the head is in one piece today? cheers, PJ.

    • Ken McGuire says:

      Hey, congrats on the win! Sorry didn’t get to talk to you in person last night, missed out on hooking up with the arts bloggers!

      Devious Theatre

    • Fiona says:

      Thanks so much folks! It was a tough category so I’m really chuffed. And also exhausted. Ken, are not as depleted as I am today? Shame I missed you down there, I was looking out for you guys, but there were so many people down there and everyone’s stickers fell off! Anyway, am too wrecked to reply to everyone individually, but John Self, Ken, Chris Judge and the Scampies are all brilliant bloggers, and I urge yiz all to check out their blogs and judge for yourselves.

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