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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: January 18, 2009 @ 8:52 pm

    Hart-less (SWIDT?)

    Fiona McCann

    Tony Hart has died, TV presenter, artist and creator of Morph. Though I was particularly talentless at art, and never managed to reproduce anything he created, I remember Take Hart (see what they did there?) and Hart Beat, and was always impressed with Tony Hart’s artistic endeavours, which I thought far superior to what was being produced by Mary FitzGerald over on Anything Goes. Mind you, watching it now, I’m sure most of it was going over my head. Metamorphosing? 

    • paul m says:

      A real loss. i always looked forward to Hartbeat and i think it had an enduring influence on me to improve my standard of art and morph nurtured an interest in animation (who was also the earliest appearance of the now oscar winning studio aardman animation)

      One of the funniest bits was the wall where the camera would pan across work that people had sent in and then Tony would cast a critical eye over them providing some constructive criticism and picking the elements he really liked about his favourites (use of colour, shape, line) as if he were an art critic looking at the latest Basquiat. It was almost preparatory for those of us attending art college later in life (minus the constructive criticism of course)

    • Fiona says:

      Paul M: Didn’t know that about Aardman! Fair play to Tony Hart, he never seemed to talk down to kids, which I liked, though I have to admit, the part where he went through other people’s art bored me senseless – Morph was always my favourite.

    • Don’t dis Take Hart (and Hartbeat)’s Gallery! Just a few notes of that music they used to play over it sends me into a sort of Proustian reverie – I even sent something in once but alas it was never used. I loved Tony Hart as a kid, and was pleased to discover today that he designed the Blue Peter badge – I actually got one when I was about nine, despite being from Dublin – I wasn’t sure they’d even read letters from non-UK residents, let alone send the writers Blue Peter badges – so I have a bit of Hart artwork of my own.

    • Fiona says:

      Penny Century: You got a Blue Peter badge? I am green! I genuinely believed such a thing was an impossibility for someone from Ireland. Do you still have it? You lucky duck!

    • I do still have it! It’s a treasured possession. In fact, it’s so treasured I’ve only worn it out of the house once in over 20 years because I was scared something would happen to it.

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