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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: January 6, 2009 @ 12:07 pm

    Costa del Barry

    Fiona McCann

    See what I did there? The point being that Dubliner Sebastian Barry has won the 2008 Costa (formerly Whitbread) Novel Award for (the book I am currently reading, so no spoilers please) The Secret Scripture. Which is great news altogether, and may help make up for what happened with that other unmentionable prize for which he was overlooked this year. Must be particularly aggravating, mind, to have every mention of yesterday’s win coloured with the one-he-didn’t. And for those despairing about the onward march of time without ever disgorging the book they know is in them, a 91-year-old woman by the name of Diana Athill won the prize in the biography category, for her memoir Somewhere Towards the End. More of the other winners and such here.  

    • Patrick Hennessy says:

      Yes great news on Sebastian Barry.

      Can I suggest to your readers when they take a pause from Barry’s book to have a look at a new film documentary with Bill Maher called Religulous which came out in October . It is directed by Larry Charles who directed ‘Borat”. I am sending a copy to Maynooth in time for the next Irish Bishops meeting. In fact it makes Pope Benedict look remarkable sane, so that will give you an idea of what you are in for ………….

    • Chris says:

      Delighted for Sebastian Barry, but all this attention being lavished on the book has left me with one major concern- the inevitable worthy, one-for-the-Academy and ultimately woeful Hollywood adaptation. I woke in a cold sweat this morning with an image of Judi Dench doing an Irish ‘turn’ and a hopelessly miscast Liam Neeson running about the place to uncover The Truth. It’s in your hands Sebastian, don’t do it…

    • Fiona says:

      Patrick: I’d love to see it!

      Chris: Yegods, Judi Dench as Roseanne? Well, as long as Kira Knightley doesn’t get near it, I suppose. . .

    • Chris says:

      Oh Lord, Keira Knightly as the young Roseanne. Another long night of the soul beckons I fear…

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