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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: September 16, 2008 @ 4:13 pm

    Fringe food

    Fiona McCann

    I’m not dissing the sausages, Lord knows, nor is this any reflection on the two delightful German gents manning the ever-popular sausage stand, but maaan, those pizzas. How do they make ‘em so delightfully doughy? It’s a slightly expanded snack selection this year at the Iveagh Gardens, and a very pleasant dining environment under the trees. Cheesy pretzels were a little controversial for my tastes, though, Fringe or no Fringe. How are yizzer bellies finding this year’s fine festival fare?

    • Nikko says:

      Hey Fiona. Good to see you at EP. Are those pizzas better than the ones at “El cuartito azul”?

    • Darina says:

      They are not pizzas. The dough is deep fried and then some sauce and cheap mozzarella is added as a topping. Yes a cold topping on a savoury doughnut base. A uniquely Irish dish. I couldn’y quite place the vintage of the oil, possibly Feile ’95. It can be smelt all about gardens and takes away from the otherwise great and very romantic atmosphere.
      Clever one lads, calling them “pizzeles”. Please change the oil before next year.
      Darina, Cork

    • dan says:

      what is is the ould sod coming to !
      where is the boxty and bacon.Lets go back to our roots and no more of this nasty pizza stuff .it beats the the bananna sambo me mammy used to make for the night before school and when you opened the wrapper the next day the whiff of James’ st brewery and the plantain aroma was orgasmic !!
      the tomatoe sambo were even better !!!!!

    • fionaoc says:

      Found the pizza/elles a little lacking in substance and left you wanting more (but not in a good way!). The sausages on the other hand – delish, f**king delish!

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