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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: September 8, 2008 @ 5:57 pm

    Amy G-string

    Fiona McCann

    amyg1.jpgNot to make knickers the theme here, but anyone who takes her final bow with three pairs around her ankles deserves a mention. This New Yorker – seen last year in La Clique – is back with her own show in the welcome new Bosco theatre (no relation to the ginger lad we all grew up with), bringing a spectacular voice, a theatrical face, a bass player and a pair of rollerskates.  

    Her act Round She Goes may be a little raggy in places, but Amy G is an out and out star, and in total command of an audience mesmerised by her rollerjinks. Ok, she may not change your life but she will make you laugh and provide you with an hour-odd’s entertainment for the very reasonable price of 15 quid. She’s also, frankly, drop dead gorgeous which in no way takes away from her talent but is worth a mention if only to bring more punters in to witness her deserving performance.

    Anyone see her? If not, stop reading because the following may contain spoilers: any comments on her kazoo in the wazoo routine? Was it a tad Carry On Kazooing, or am I just not sufficiently Fringe? Are y’all ready for this jelly?

    • Roisin says:

      Great blog, looking forward to reading more. What do you think of the new venue for the Speigeltent? Does it have to close early because it’s a more residential area than the docklands location?

    • Aoife says:

      I love the new venue. So atmospheric. Was very disappointed with the management last night. Waited 40 minutes to be let in for the Cathy Davey gig. Even lost out on some of the show as they were so late letting the crowd in.

    • paul m says:

      I saw her ‘kazoo in the wazoo’ routine at la clique last year and i thought it was the weakest part of her performance (in terms of going for a cheap gag) to be honest but unfortunately its the one part that all the papers want to report on. Glad to see she got her own spot as her’s was one of the most memorable from la clique for her bawdy new york renditions on her mini guitar.

    • willy says:

      Two problems with this show (we went last Thursday):
      1. The performance started well after the advertised time, wthout a word of apology or explanation, and the booming rock music from the tent next door got louder and louder as the evening went on; paying audiences deserve better;
      2. Amy G is a terrific performer with great verve and style, but her material lets her down badly. The tiresome, repetitive, drawn out opening sequence of raised eyebrows and coughs was a foretaste of what was to come as she spun out the time. At least 8 people had left early before we departed – partly because of the racket from next door, partly because we had become bored with the show. I notice a number of reviewers have commented on the lack of professional presentation in Fringe productions this year, with shows starting late and so on. Perhaps this is something for the organisers to address next year. And might it be better to concentrate on quality rather than quantity – judging by the reviews there seems to be a lot of dross this year.

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