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  • Dear old Dublin

    January 8, 2009 @ 5:04 pm | by Conor Pope

    Is anyone surprised to learn that Dubliners pay an average of 4.5 per cent more for stuff than their country cousins. According to the latest price comparison by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) when it comes to certain goods and services, the gaps are a lot more severe than that . Hair cuts, bacon and booze all cost way more in Dublin than they do elsewhere.

    The most startling statistic is that Dublin men have to pay 50 per cent more for a wash, cut and blow dry than their provincial counterparts, for example, and almost 30 per cent more for a dry cut. And Women leaving in Dublin are being asked for 25 per cent more for a wash, cut and blow dry than country women.

    Back rashers cost over 37 per cent more in Dublin compared to the rest of the State but weirdly ham fillet is 14 per cent cheaper in the capital. Now I’m not sure how useful any of this information actually is to anyone – the CSO study goes into remarkable detail and on a certain level you’d have to wonder why they bother. Particularly as we are all left wondering why hair cuts cost so much more in Dubiln or why mushrooms are 10 per cent dearer in Dublin but it is a quite interesting a bi-annual treat for price trainspotters like me.

    It won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who has ever had a pint in a Dublin pub to learn that it is here where the big gaps are to be found across the widest range of products. A pint of draught lager is 12.5 per cent dearer in Dublin, draught cider costs 11 per cent more while draught stout is just under 10 per cent more expensive. A small bottle of wine is 6.5 per cent dearer. Overall, drink in Dublin pubs is, on average, a smidgen over 9 per cent dearer than outside the city. Drink sold in off-licences is broadly the same price everywhere.

    Going to the cinema costs about 10 per cent more in Dublin than in other cities or towns.

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