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  • Pricewatch: News just in…

    January 10, 2011 @ 5:23 pm | by Conor Pope

    This morning in the Big Paper (well, if it’s good enough for the people who work for the Guardian’s website it’s good enough for me) I looked at the death of our pubs and the annoying bank charges rolled out just before Christmas by Bank of Ireland and I reviewed razors.
    That is all.

  • Fight the power…

    January 7, 2011 @ 10:04 am | by Conor Pope

    Annoyed by the VHI price hikes? Well, if you are a subscriber there are ways you can fight back. Here are just three of them.

  • Are you talkin’ to me? 7 things I hate about taxis

    January 6, 2011 @ 10:31 am | by Conor Pope

    I’m Free! Oh, no, wait I’m not. What is the story with taxi drivers driving around with passengers in their cars AND THEIR LIGHTS ON! Seriously, how hard can it be to devise – and then enforce – a system which would automatically shut the light off once the meter went on? Not very I suspect. And in daytime, how are would be passengers – and by would-be passengers, I mean me – supposed to tell if a taxi is free or not?

    Change, for good: Last night I gave a cab driver a €50 note for an €8 fare and he looked at me like I’d handed him the severed arm of his dear old granny. It wasn’t that he had no change, he just resented using it on such a puny fare. How hard can it be for a cab driver to keep a proper float?

    ‘I hear you’re a racist now’: Not all taxi drivers are guilty of this by any means, but I have encountered it enough times to know it is not just a small minority.

    Moaning: Yes things are bad for most of us, what with the near total collapse of our banking system and the arrival in town of the IMF. I don’t feel the need tell you how much my income has shrunk by over the last 18 months so why are you telling me how much yours has fallen by?

    Don’t be so picky: You are either accepting passengers or you’re not. You can’t roll down your window, ask me where I want to go and then speed off cos it doesn’t suit you.

    The grumpy ones: Listen, I can’t help it if I live 20 minutes from the airport – well, I suppose I can – and it is not my fault you have been waiting two hours out there for a fare, I just want to get home and I could really do with you sighing heavily at me because I don’t want you to take me to Graystones.

    Radio Radio: It’s either bangin techno or soft rock. Either way, make it stop.

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