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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: November 29, 2011 @ 9:45 am

    Questions Raised About DSK Saga

    Deaglán de Bréadún

    Journalism is getting a bit of a kicking these days with the Leveson inquiry in the UK and the furore over the RTE “Mission to Prey” programme. In that context, it is good to come across an example of sustained research and “digging” in the case of Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

    My colleague Ruadhán Mac Cormaic has a useful follow-up piece in our own  paper and to read it, click here. Essentially, the scenario that emerges from the article which was written by Edward Jay Epstein and originally appeared in the New York Review of Books and was also featured in shorter form in last weekend’s Financial Times is as follows:

    DSK, who was MS of the International Monetary Fund at the time and a contender for the French presidency, was involved in a sexual encounter at his hotel room in New York. He maintains this was consensual, whereas the hotel maid claimed he forced himself upon her.

    But there were all sorts of comings and goings involved the maid and other members of the hotel staff, which remain unexplained. There is an allegation of “high-fives” being engaged in by two people close to the events in question. DSK’s blackberry went missing, which may or may not be significant. There was a delay in calling the police.

    Ruadhán sets out the main points as follows:-

    People close to Mr Strauss-Kahn say he had been warned in the days leading up to his arrest that one of his Blackberry phones might have been tapped by his enemies. A friend of his working temporarily in the head office of the ruling UMP party in Paris told him that at least one of his private emails had been read in the office. The Blackberry remains missing.

    Almost 90 minutes passed between Ms Diallo alerting colleagues to the alleged assault and the police being called. During this time, security cameras recorded a senior hotel employee and an unidentified man “high-fiving each other” and doing what looked like a “dance of celebration that lasts for three minutes”.

    Contrary to Ms Diallo’s initial account, keycard records show she entered a neighbouring room (number 2820) on the VIP floor before and after the alleged assault in Mr Strauss-Kahn’s suite. The resident of that room has never been identified

    DSK’s political opponents have denied and ridiculed the whole thing. But there is still something odd about it all … For more on this issue, click here.

    • jaygee says:

      A rich, powerful man having consensual sex with a lowly paid employee of the hotel !
      When I think about the word consensual in this situation , I have my doubts.

    • RPE McCarthy says:

      What is odd about it is that looks, smells and sounds like a sting. When I lived in France, Day-Ess-Ka as he is known phonetically was frequently mentioned in Le Canard Enchainee (the captured duck) as being a particularly amorous man.

      If you are going to set someone up then do it on something people can believe.

      Interestingly, Jack Lang, a philosopher and a man of fixed views decried this from the beginning. It should be noted that apart from being a Socialist, Lang is not necessarily any friend of DSK.

      He was being Emile Zola to the putative Captain Dreyfuss.

      Incidentally, I don’t think anybody would be surprised at anything Sarko does to survive.

    • Voice of Wisdom says:

      @ 2 — RPE McCarthy — “Incidentally, I don’t think anybody would be surprised at anything Sarko does to survive.”

      Hopefully he doesn’t perd la tête and take his increasingly amorous meet/greets with Frau Merkel to the next level..! Enfin, no chance of that, I think…………. Frau M would eat him for breakfast if he crossed the line…any line.!

      One way or another (re Day-Ess-Ka), it was bad very judgement on his part…….surely a man in his position would be savvy to such possible set-ups and which doesn’t augur well for his prowess with regard to other kinds of sting, as in the world of high finance. And if there was consent, what sort of old fool would throw caution to the wind for a few moment of pleasure and risk his reputation and everything else. He should spend his retirement in isolation reflecting on the mysteries of the Universe imo.

    • Desmond FitzGerald says:

      What struck me about the FT article was how naive the journalist was: a mail from west Africa goes to her manager to report being assulted and we are meant to be shocked and surprised that the hotel management didn’t rush the maid off to the hospital and call in Detective Benson or Stabler from Law & Order SVU.

      I imagine that, in the real world the first thing that would have been asked was who is being accused of assault and how much money do they spend in the hotel. He’s head of the IMF, oh my God we’ll lose the IMF account.

      Everything else would have followed from avoiding that, I imagine.

      Of course it seems silly to mention the obvious that if DSK kept it in his trousers he wouldn’t in this mess in the first place regardless of whether he was set up or whether he forced the mail to agree to consexual sex.

    • RPE McCarthy says:

      As if to prove my point, Nicolas III, was on form in Toulon last night ratcheting up the political pressure on three key gaullist issues

      a) La France profonde – a strong France & Germany axis is the centre of national and international self-interest.
      b) La France traditionelle – French identity is not about where you are from or the colour of your skin but whether you uphold the citizen values of the state. Dilution of the citizen values cannot be tolerated.
      c) La France courageuse – French innovation and hard work will redefine the economy and neither economic nor fiscal dumping will be allowed to undermine this.

      We heard all this before. To some extent the market will force some reforms on France but France is a strange country. While they have a large number of public sector workers (40%+) French people tend to spend their money in France and buy a lot of French goods which is why, until now, they haven’t been drastically affected by the downturn despite a high current deficit.

      Mesdames et Monsieurs, les jeux sont fait, attendez le compte….

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