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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: June 16, 2011 @ 12:01 am

    Politics podcast: June 16th

    Deaglán de Bréadún

    In this week’s Politics podcast Harry McGee discusses the Government’s first 100 days in office with Paschal Donohoe (FG), Joanna Tuffy (Lab), Thomas Byrne (FF) and Eoin Ó Broin (SF)

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    • Papillon says:

      My name is McGee — Harry McGee ! Love it — Harry’d make a great 007 — shaken not stirred
      Re the podcast……..good discussion…Joanna Tuffy is so sweet — there’s empathy in her voice and Ms Tuffy always makes a good reasoned argument
      Thomas Byrne — Solid — O just hurry up and come back FF
      Eoin O Broin — sharp as nails — his summation certainly put the kibosh on the first 100 days
      Paschal Donohoe — I’m sorry but you annoy me

    • Peter Barrins says:

      I’m sick listening to the ‘one hundred days’ thing – as if it’s somehow important. The problems facing this country will not be sorted out in 100 days or ten times that number. The fact remains that the financials do not stack up meaning, that in the absence of solid 5-10% growth, additional borrowing, cuts, tax increases, dafaults, or a mixture of all will be required in the not too distant future. And, to listen to any person with a FF hat commenting on anything is just irritating, given that they are responsible for the bloody mess!

    • Fiona McCarthy says:

      Let’s see what the next 100 days brings – too early to assess

    • Fiona McCarthy says:

      Let’s see what the next 100 days bring

    • [&&&] says:

      Peer Barrinns
      It’s just supposed to be a landmark to judge the performance of the incoming goverment against it’s manifest/ations…another Yank thang
      You must feel that all those years of study and your decision to run for government have finally been paid off…to be described as sweet…the pride and joy your family must feel when they read that…
      That would be fighting talk where I come from…if you know where I’m coming from…

    • pete says:

      @ 5 — the gutter???

    • @5 amd @6 Convince me you’re not one and the same :-)

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