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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: May 24, 2011 @ 6:06 pm

    Politics podcast: May 24th

    Deaglán de Bréadún

    In this week’s podcast Harry McGee, foreign editor Denis Staunton and Kieran McLoughlin of the Worldwide Ireland Funds assess the impact of the US president Barack Obama’s visit to Ireland.

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    • a.commenter says:

      O’Bama now acknowledging his English roots to ‘ER…there’s no-one as English as Barack O’Bama …all things to all nations…

    • a.commenter says:

      O’Bama might yet discover a german ancestor e.g Heinz…57 times removed from the Saxe Coburg Gotha clan…
      told you there was a baked bean connection…the look on Pilib’s face when he was outlining his English antecedents was priceless…! He also continued his speech while the National Anthem was playing…it’s all going Pete Tong…! Might be a night in the Tower one thinks…!

    • Peter Barrins says:

      If the visit of Obama brings external investment that would be a positive result. Likewise with the recent visit of the Queen. What I believe both of these events have achieved is the negation, to some extent, of the persistent negative sentiments of the last three years. The faith and respect demonstrated to the people or Ireland by two of the most famous people in the world, leading two of the most powerful nations, should provide them with the belief that they can – indeed must – do things for themselves. The Irish mindset of dependency and the reluctance towards entrepreneurship needs to change. The latter needs to be supported by Government policy. As a nation we have the potential for greatness – we’re affable, articulate, intelligent and well liked.

    • E Von Camembert says:

      It’s interesting, how a newly elected leader these days takes on, almost immediately, a distinct air of austerity and gloom when they assume office, as in contrast with the dizzy, enthusiastic, promissory, rhetorical attitude that was designed to whip up a wave of emotion prior to election. The reason for this, obviously, is that when the new leader and his Minister for finance, in particular, actually “see the books” (on the economy stupid and a lot of other stuff that we’ll never know about) the wind is taken out of their sails and they assume the attitude of their predecessors who, before them, had this “knowledge.” The post-election silence coming from the more vociferous amongst those now in office in this country (including the Taoiseach) is quite deafening – haven’t heard a squeak out of Joan B and Eamon G has toned it down to just about one notch above zero……….and the speechwriters can’t even be bothered drafting their own speeches, apparently.
      Maybe, bring a keg of the black stuff into the Dáil……….on draught………. liven them up………..seemed to work for Barack O’B, anyway………the speeches might be a bit more merry…..the draughting of them, anyway….so to speak…

      Enjoyed this podcast, btw – v civilized. Harry v precise. No interruptions. I like that. Should be big € fine for anyone that interrupts.

    • a.commenter says:

      Listening to Biffo O’Bama… or B’OB as he is known here in Ballygodhelpus…chant his catchphrase on College Green convinced me of his English ancestry…there was a familiar ring to it…and then it came to me…
      All together now…
      ‘BO’B the builder…BO’B the builder
      Can he do it…?
      Yes! He Can…’

    • That there is a genetic link between the President and the Irish Republic has broken the ice long before he arrived.

    • Paul says:

      Not related to this podcast – but Deaglan, you fairly did enda out of it by not mentioning his college green speech in your column on political orattory this mornging!

    • Brian Astley says:

      Deaglan de Breadun, ridiculous platitudes to the teleprompter reading President of the United States was shameful. Other than being elected to Office Obama’s only improvement in his time will be in his golf game, having already played twice as much as Bush. He is an embarrassment to any thinking man. And comparing him to Yeats is ludicrous.
      W.B. Yeats, poet, playwright, politician, leader of the Irish Literary Revival, founder of the Abbey Theatre and winner in 1923 of the Nobel Prize for Literature — thought of journalists;

      “I hate all journalists. There is nothing in them but tittering, jeering emptiness. They have all made what Dante calls the Great Refusal, – that is, they have ceased to be self-centered, have given up their individuality…The shallowest people on the ridge of the earth.”

    • Brian Astley says:

      There is only one thing that will improve in the world because of Barrack Obama’s leadership, and that will be his golf game.

      Sadly for all those hoping for change. Change will come in 2012

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