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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: May 17, 2011 @ 10:07 pm

    The Queen’s Speech

    Deaglán de Bréadún

    There seems to be general satisfaction in official circles with the first day of the visit by Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh. There were protests but no clear and present danger to the British monarch and her husband. The wreath-laying at the Garden of Remembrance went off smoothly, despite the clashes taking place nearby between Gardai and demonstrators.

    All eyes, or maybe ears, now focus on the dinner tomorrow night. Talk about “The King’s Speech” – it will be “The Queen’s Speech” holding centre-stage. As well as the usual and necessary pleasantries and generalities, one wonders if she will say something of real substance to consolidate what the two governments have achieved through their involvement in the peace process north of the  Border?

    Interesting that Sinn Fein leader, in his weekend statement to the Irish Examiner, was focusing so strongly on what the Queen might say to promote what he calls a “New Ireland” (good job John Hume didn’t take out copyright on that phrase.)

     The Queen’s grandfather, George V, made a significant intervention in Anglo-Irish affairs in his speech at the opening of the Northern Ireland parliament at Belfast City Hall on 22 June 1921.

    On that occasion, with behind-the-scenes encouragement from Lloyd George and South Africa’s General Jan Smuts, the King urged both sides in the War of Independence to “stretch out the hand of forbearance”.

    That speech was quickly followed by a truce and subsequently the Anglo-Irish Treaty and an end to the conflict (except for the vicious Civil War that followed, of course).

    Interesting to see if the Queen mentions this speech tomorrow night and if she attempts to provide some moral support for the power-sharing arrangements in the North with encouragement for both sides to “stick at it”.

    • a.commenter says:

      Dublin looked like a militarised zone…armed police and security forces preventing the citizenry from moving freely around the Capital…the same citizenry prevented from even looking into the Garden of Rembrance…How in the name of ****can there be Normalisation when the streets are a total exclusion zone to the public….to protect the Head of the Armed Forces of an occupying State…
      There will be Normalisation in Anglo Irish relations when the Crown has no jurisprudence in Ireland an not until then…everything else is smoke and mirrors…
      The sychophants at TCD…one of whom having proudly boasted the toast allegedly raised to the Baked Bean each night at Commons was unable to recite it when asked to do so much to John Sopel’s amusement…and mine…!
      Fintan O’Toole et al simpering and gushing about the ‘signicance’ the maturity and the historic nature of the occasion…and as for Tim Pat Coogan…whose girth gave lie to his (sexist) gush that there wasn’t a man in Ireland got a hot dinner on the day of the royal wedding…And what was Sebastian Barry on/about…? I’ve never heard such total gibberish in my life…
      I expect the same sychophantic hypocrites will be out in force to pay tribute in the Garden of Remembrance in 5 years time…by then I expect John Hume will have been canonised…

    • a.commenter says:

      That shoulda been jurisdiction not jurisprudence…!

    • a.commenter says:

      Treason: A betrayal of trust or loyalty to one’s country or government…
      Today the the definition is complete.
      Could the Irish security forces protecting the Protestant paramilitaries at Islandbridge today not manage a rendition of ‘the Sash’ in their honour …?
      If I could renounce my Nationality I would. Having hoped to return to Ireland to live I will now never set foot in it again. Today I am ashamed to be Irish.

    • Accuracy Please says:

      @ a.commenter: There is no occupying force in the north of Ireland. 94% of voters in this state, and 71% of those in the north have ratified current governance arrangements for the north of Ireland, which of course includes the process by which this may change.
      If you can’t summon up any respect for the head of state of our neighbours, perhaps you could manage a little for Irish people?

    • robespierre says:

      I think it is worth remembering that Canada and Australia have both had independence referenda. Additionally, the monarchy question was specifically asked in Australia and a majority voted in favour of retaining the Queen as Head of State.

      She is the democratically elected head of state of a friendly nation, Australia. Over and above that she is the constitutional head of state (and monarch) of several other friendly states including Canada, New Zealand and of course Britain.

      If we insult the British Monarch, we insult many nations in parts of the world that we have a strategic self-interest. It is one thing to be bigoted, but quite another to be blinded by self-obsessed myopia.

    • Desmond FitzGerald says:

      @3 nor was there ever a time before the ‘Brits’ when the entire island of Ireland was one unified country nor are the inhabitants of the island of Ireland part of some unique Celtic gene pool – as you will now know seeing as you were fulsome in your praise of Fergal Keane’s ‘The Story of Ireland’.

      By all means delude yourself that just because Ireland is an island that there should only ever be one country on it or that that’s what the majority of people North and/or South want but at least make the effort to know your history otherwise you risk sounding like one of those weak minded types who think Israel invaded a country called Palestine.

    • john condon says:

      Enough of the heavy stuff. Protocols and symbolisms have been honoured and displayed. Its time for Her
      Majesty to enjoy the next part of her visit, i.e visits to stud farms around the country. Re the tree planting
      ceremony at the Aras – my only thought was seeing three guys standing around looking on while a woman
      did all the work, (typical attitude in both countries). The Duke was spot on! As far as I’m concerned Guinness
      can be made of Liffey water – Ive never touched the stuff. Check out a real international favourite -
      Smithwicks of Kilkenny. Can’t imagine what the planners were thinking of in not having the Queen visit Kilkenny
      to see the Kilkenny Castle, second only to Windsor in historical significance and appearance. Maybe next time.
      Got to hand it to McAleese though. She’ll be a hard act to follow. Proves again that in many instances the best
      man for a job is a woman. Slan agus beannacht go leir.

    • timhorgan says:

      Who was the Famous Irish Journalist introduced to the Qqeen at Islandbridge – he was wearing the regimental tie of the Royal Irish Fusiliers.

    • a.commenter says:

      Forget the journalist …I want to know who handed the poppy wreath to ‘Eilis a do’ at Islandbridge….Who was THAT soldier…?name rank and serial number please…!
      My father was stationed at Collins’ barracks…mother… I salute you!

    • a.commenter says:

      She just reeled you all in…! Closet queens the lot of you…!

    • timhorgan says:

      Is that why he is called “Colonel Myers” just because he wears a regimental tie.

      To my mind it is extremely bad form, old boy, to wear a regimental tie when you have never served-let alone in teh regiment in question.

    • a.commenter says:

      Now that Banrion Eilis a do has returned to Blighty…what to make of the royal legumes visit to the ould sod..?
      She came she saw she cupla focailed…
      The whirring sound at Islandbridge was not the Royal Chopper but the sound of Patriots spinning in their graves…
      Having inspected the best of Irish bloodstock at the war memorial…sigh… she then went to Kidare and saw the equine variety…she discovered at the Storehouse the Irish couldn’t organise a p*ss up in a brewery…
      She was wined and she was dined… she giggled…’clinkety clink’…and she Gaileged…she was made to feel at home and was even introduced to another dysfunctional family…
      She ended with a trip to the not so rebel county…and now she can put her royal trotters up and forget all about it…
      All in all a jolly good show…Since you’re all so delighted with yourselves I won’t spoil the party by referring to Philip’s caught off camera comments…reported by a media not quite so obsessed with the ‘Beiti’ bean as I suppose she should be known in recognition of her nod to the ligua focail… there’s a bilingual
      pun in there btw…
      The knot of history so painstakinlgy loosened’…prophetic words one thinks…

    • ronan411 says:

      My sycophantic friends when you’re finished genuflecting to the queen and patting yourself on the backs about how mature you are – realize this: 94% of the people would have condemned the actions of those who were executed and are buried in the Garden of Remembrance. I have no problem with the queen – I have a problem with my fellow irishmen and women and the ‘elite’ who fawned over the Empire this week. Shame on you all – you disgraceful slaves.

    • a.commenter says:

      Can we have our country back now please…Ma’am… (as in jam not marm as in farm)…?

    • a.commenter says:

      Why don’t they just declare Ireland a total exclusion zone…along the lines of the Scottish clearances so that their Imperial Majesties and assorted Plastic Paddies can go and find their f**kin roots and have done with it.
      No sooner have the baked bean and the bubble aka the Duke of Hazard left than the next pretender looking for the Irish vote lands…I suppose the next thing we’ll be hearing is that there’s no-one as Irish as the Dalai effing Lama…Seems the only people not welcome a on the mat are the Irish themselves…indigenous or displaced….ENOUGH ALREADY….

    • Sam mcalester says:

      Will a.commenter read her comments and realise that they are neither witty or factual.
      What are her aspirations for this country?

    • Elvira Von Camembert says:

      Of course, in contrast to the “plastic Paddies” reviled by a.commenter, we have one apparently “authentic Paddy” that is regularly held in high esteem by a.commenter viz. SF leader, Mr Gerry Adams, who no doubt can trace his lineage right back to the very first man himself, Adam and his lady wife Eve when Ireland was known as Eden and leprechauns danced jigs at the end of every rainbow…
      Mar dhea agus cop on…

    • a.commenter says:

      a.commenter has read her comments… if they do not fit with the grovelling obsequy that characterisies contemporary Ireland so be it…she has no aspirations for a country which spends 30 million on a vanity project for an outgoing president who is so easily ‘wowed’ by a couple of words of basic Irish…feel free to correct any factual inaccuracies…

    • a.commenter says:

      For obsequy read obsequiousness…altho’ there is also something of the former about the current state of the Irish psyche…

    • a.commenter says:

      Who wrote Kenny’s speech… ?
      I wondered why the O’Bamas were looking a bit uncomfortable and laughing behind him when he was delivering it…maybe that’s the real reason they left early…?
      Plagiarism seems part of the national character and rife amongst Irish journalists…
      Good old Ireland shoots itself in the foot again…!

    • E Von C says:

      Whether or not EK plagiarised O’B’s speech is a moot point – if he were not plagiarising, perhaps he should have prefaced the address to the crowd at College Green with some kind of acknowledgement of O’B’s victory speech of 2008. On the other hand, perhaps the phrases from that speech were so recognizable that they didn’t need to be referenced in that context. However, he who excuses himself accuses himself and EK spent a lot of time excusing himself on yesterday’s rte Six One news where he went to great lengths to explain to the ‘peeple of oireland’ that he has a copy of the now infamous speech on the wall of his office in the Oireachtas and blah blah he couldn’t resist ripping some phrases from it off the wall (so to speak) as a tribute to O’B or something like that – yeah, now he’s shooting himself in the foot. I’d agree with that, at any rate.

    • a.commenter says:

      Plagiarism is not of course restricted to politicians and journalists…eh Barb.ie ;-7
      But as I have found a more interesting place to comment where my every word is not repeated by those without an original idea such as yourself… you’re on your from now own dear…
      As for Gerry I have no reason to believe he is any less Irish than you or I…Slan old bean…!

    • Verity says:

      Let’s hope Enda doesn’t have the I HAVE A DREAM speech hanging on the wall as well………..I don’t think I’d be able for it

    • los muertos says:

      FRIENDS, GERMANS, FRENCHMEN, LEND ME YOUR EUROS……….unplagiarise that Enda…

    • E Von C says:

      @ 21 – Ah g’wan outta dah ya eejit and make us a cuppa tae……..I’ll be lettin’ ya away wit it dis time and the good mood ’tis dat I’m in t’be shure, Murphy……….or whatever yer name is! Hic…

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