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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: February 2, 2011 @ 1:37 pm

    Does Fianna Fail Have a Future?

    Deaglán de Bréadún

    Some thoughts on the future, if any, of the Fianna Fail party:  click here and here. The number of Others in the outgoing Dail should be eight, not seven as in the second paragraph of the latter article.

    • Liam says:

      Any party that has the legacy of De Valera, Lack Lynch and Bertie should shut up shop, there is something genetically dysfunctional about it. No government would be better than being signed up en masse as economic conscripts.

    • Bill H says:

      Unfortunately I believe they still do. The personality based politics of this country means that people will still vote for the likes of Willie O’Dea and his ilk although their policy-less cute-hoor brand of leadership is what got us into this mess. While a measure of responsibility for the economic meltdown is correctly directed at the heads of the banks it should be focussed on the regulators, the politicians and, crucially, us clowns in the populace the voted them in repeatedly. “Intelligent electorate”, my @rse.

    • BB says:

      Yes, without a doubt. Watched Brian Lenihan on Primetime last night (Wed). This man absolutely towers above anything the opposition have to offer — both behaviourally and intellectually and especially in terms of know-how/expertise re tackling all things crisis/financial. Don’t know how he didn’t just walk off the programme in disgust at the primitive, barbaric behaviour of the FG/Labour and especially the Sinn Fein “spokespersons” — scream/persons, more like. Miriam O’Callaghan gets null points from me as a chairperson that can steer a civilized balanced debate.
      And really, SF “galls my kibe” – barely a wet week in democratic politics and with a minuscule representation in our Houses of the Oireachtas and Queeeveeeen O’Kwaylawn (sorry, can’t be bothered to look up the sp) has the audacity to attack/chastise one of the finest politicians (Brian Lenihan) that ever passed through the gates of Leinster House.
      Have Irish people gone mad!!

    • how says:

      BB you really are a deluded individual: Brian Lenihan one of the finest politicians? the man has got everything wrong or haven’t you noticed.

      The answer to the question has to be yes, especially when this country produces an abundance of gobdaws that can’t tell when they have been conned by FF, the fact is, FF have been peddling rubbish for decades, only now, have most people who have previously supported FF, begun to question that unjustified loyalty.

      It will be a decade before FF return to power, when they do,the cycle will begin all over again, they will tell the public that they are sorry, they will then tell the people everything they want to hear, we will have boom again, we will have cronyism and finally a bust.

      The Irish sheeple, have proven that they can never change, sheeple just like BB

    • JoeS says:

      The naive behavior of the outgoing government has royally bankrupted the nation, impoverished ordinary folk for a generation and turned us into serfs of the IMF, placing us as a nation effectively under administration, unable to do anything without ECB and IMF approval.
      This betrayal is treason on a national scale for sure. In former times treason was a capital offence, now we should humanely kill off FF at the polls

    • robespierre says:

      BB, I don’t agree with you about Comical Leni at all. As somebody once said of Tony Blair being convinced of something and being wrong are not mutually incompatible events. In his case, it was the Iraq war in Lenihans it has been every intervention he has made to resolve the banking crisis.

      The truly ironic thing was the eventual plan (now being put together for Irish Nationwide and Anglo) is the precise policy FG articulated 3 years ago. Separate the good from the bad, have the good run as a viable entity and run the bad banks as a going concern until they are wound down. As an economist, I feel like kicking the screen when I hear him speak. His is completely illiterate on tax, on economics and clueless on what drives business. FF has increased the cost of doing business by an average of 13% in a recession between energy charges, PRSI charges and other ancillary charges like car parking spaces etc.

      However, I agree that Miriam O’Callaghan is an extremely poor chair. If she was able to ask Obama one question it would something along the lines of “You are standing in Millenium Park Mr. President, your family around – what went through your mind how did you feel at the momentous occasion”. A hard nosed journo would ask what level of responsibility for the failure to deliver on your promises to rebuild america do you take personally.

    • SF says:

      Unfortunatly yes, I think they’ll be back in power in one, possibly two, terms. The combined factors of Enda Kenny being Taoiseach (I shudder at the thought of that man representing our country), the short-term memory of the electorate of this country, all topped-off with a good dose of sustained revisonism from the FF spin-doctors over the coming years will be enough, I think. The alarming lack of political talent this country has at the moment is shocking (with a few exceptions, Leo Varadkar being one), it seems to me thats its just a temproary changing of the gaurd while FF go off to sickbay for the night reorganise and they’ll be back right as rain in the morning up to there all tricks again, and we’ll swallow it all again too. Quite depressing really, I hope im wrong.

    • Joe says:

      Forget De Valera, Lynch and Ahern, it was really Charlie Haughey that poisoned Fianna Fail like a disgusting virus. That legacy is still there and will ensure the total lack of any moral compass that characterises the organisation. In the words of its former leader whose actions were the most to blame (of many) for destroying this country “I wish they’d all go away and commit suicide”.

    • Conor says:

      The lack of a fada on Fáil is apt…You’ve answered you’re own question really.

    • BB/Verity says:

      Surely it is time for the leaders of the main political parties in this country to get really serious about their election campaigns.
      May I suggest a TRIATHLON OF EVENTS prior to the leaders’ debates.


      Mr Kenny, Mr Martin and Mr Gilmore must each in turn perform a waltz, a tango and a foxtrot with TV3’s Ursula Halligan and then the three contenders must together (at the same time) perform a tap-dance routine.
      (This will enable the viewer/electorate to determine the quick-footedness of the potential leaders – which skill, of course, would be very useful in dealing with getting out of difficult situations with our EU partners.)


      Mr Kenny, Mr Martin and Mr Gilmore must separately and then together perform a three-ball juggling routine.
      (This will give the electorate an insight into the dexterity of the potential leader and his ability to multi-task in these very demanding politico/economic times and which requires that a leader must never “drop the ball”)


      Mr Kenny, Mr. Martin and Mr Gilmore must undergo a “Houdini” trial where each will be timed on how quickly they might escape from a set of chains and locks. This will be performed underwater (tee hee)
      (This will give the electorate a valuable insight into, again, the potential leader’s ability to wrangle out of difficult situations and since this is an “underwater” trial all focus will be on which of the candidates might hold his breath the longest – which, of course is an indication as to which of them can spout the most hot air!

      And all to be ended with a final LIE DECTOR TEST (self-explanatory!!)

    • ken says:

      I HOPE NOT, I really hope their party get annihilated in this election, cause they really haven’t a clue how the people feel, I see in todays paper that in 2009 alone they spent 5.6million on ”incidential expenses”, its just unbelieveable, what a crowd of scabs that look after themselves, no integrity or values and anyone who even gives them a second vote should be ashamed of themselves

    • Richie says:

      ‘Does Fine Gael have a future’, was the refrain from the media in 2002, as commentators composed their graveside orations for that Party. What happened in the aftermath is what will happen post the 2011 election: the Media circus distracted from the travails of Party in crisis by ‘The Next Big Thing’ moved on, leaving Fine Gael to get on quietly with proving its resilience.

      And so it will prove with Fianna Fail. I am willing to wager that, a year from now, an opinion poll would show Fianna Fail in robust good health, gearing up to recover the seats it lost in the last local elections — which it will — and the ire of the Public will be directed at the Parties of Government, because it will be they who will be inflicting the pain on the electorate– not Fianna Fail.

      All burning issues are of their time, disappearing in a mist like the dew in the heat of the morning sun. As they say, today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s fish and chip wrapper. Fianna Fail in intensive care today; poised for an overall majority in 2020.

    • jack meyhoffer says:

      the only way these vermin can be wiped out is to line them up against a wall because the “smart” electorate cant be trusted to do the right thing by the country!!

    • Bernard says:

      Is there any way we can impeach Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowen?

    • Paul Swann says:

      The people of Ireland supported these gobshites and now we have the result. Why were they supported from day one (including Dev’s time)?
      We had the offshore bank account & single insurance payment scandal a couple of years ago – why? Because anyone with a few bob was for years able to hide their money away from the claws of the taxman.
      Then we have socially disgusting behaviour of the population at large. Just look at the behaviour of drivers in small towns around the country. They think they can park on footpaths, double yellow lines, in front of people’s drive ways etc etc. Just watch those who attend Church and GAA games. They think they have a right to abandon their cars.
      Why does all this happen? It doesn’t happen by some kind of magic. It happens because our so called garda force turn a blind eye. Why do they turn a blind eye? Because the politicians tell them to do so.
      The gardai & prison service break every traffic law (& other laws) there is, with impunity. Judges act as if they own the country and can do as they wish with impunity. Up until recently catholic priests thought they could do likewise. Lawyers can charge what they like. Teachers, Lecturers, Civil & Public servants can be useless and still be guaranteed a salary and a pension. Meanwhile those who still have a job in the private sector must pay for the privilege of having these leaches in our midst.
      Unless and until every person in this society behaves responsibly (in their workplace & socially) and with consideration of their fellow citizen and if they are not subject to the unbiased rigors of the law, this country will alway be as it is now. i.e. a den of fianna failers, fine gaelers & labourites.
      I lump all three together because they are all corrupt and none more so than labour. The unions were up to their necks in corruption, that’s why they didn’t open their cheepers all through the latest debacle of hidden bank accounts being used for personal gain at local level.

    • bob o Connell says:

      Of Course Fianna Fail has a future

      In HELL !

    • Ms Moneypenny says:

      Was watching 5:30 pm news on TV3 (Saturday) with Alan Cantwell and the extended discussion/analysis (with guests) re election/campaigns etc., that followed the main news. Must say I was pretty impressed with Mr Cantwell, who could easily stand in for Vincent Browne if Enda remains (negatively) dogged re three-way leaders’ debate chaired by VinB on TV3. Alan Cantwell definitely has gravitas………and a certain Je ne sais quoi exactement, which goes down quite well.
      (Btw, what is it with Enda and dogs these days? I suspect, actually, that he saw that previous clip of Micheál Martin patting a lovely little black – cocker spaniel was it? – on the news last week and he vowed to himself – anything Micheál can do, I can do better!)

    • A.Commenter says:

      Of course… they’ll all be right at home selling BiFFoburgers and asking …’Would you like FFries with that’…?

    • Pat Guerin says:

      Of course Fianna Fáil has a future after all it single handedly built this country up! Just wait and see, in 5 years time the people will be giving FF an overall majority as it is the only party that unites the country and not afraid to make the hard decisions!

    • Imo/gen says:

      Politicians penchant for photo opportunities with pooches at election time is because they think they’re the ‘dog’s ballots’…and it provides the perfect ‘Man sound/bites dog’ moment…!

    • Paul Swann says:

      Pat Guerin said: it is the only party that unites the country and not afraid to make the hard decisions!

      Yes Pat, decisions like giving Developers tax breaks to build Hotels we didn’t need or want, Houses we didn’t need or want, Shopping Centres we didn’t need or want. Decisions like giving the banks a free hand to dish out money to the Gullible Irish Peasants who always voted FF, FG & Labour so that they could buy the houses built by their cronies.
      Anyone voting FF, FG or Labour is in serious need a a mental check up to see if they even have the capacity to think for themselves.

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