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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: December 2, 2010 @ 2:43 pm

    Even more entertaining that Gormley’s asylum speech

    Harry McGee

    YouTube Preview Image
    • de profundis says:

      ‘Hey Harry…dey got a band’…(one of my favourite gangster’s moll lines..)..
      Btw what happened to the Cementgate 1…his case was due in court on 25 November as I recall…?

    • barbraeile says:

      Ah that’s really sh*te Harry. No imagination.
      Here’s a much better video of Eamon Gilmore reacting to bad news about the general election


    • barbraeile says:

      ps Harry
      Here’s X-factor Enda. I guarantee you will die laughing……………….

    • Like this badly made video people wont change the Dail .
      The Times shoud start writing the anti Eu articles as the guy said to me today “the germans are ripping us off”.
      IThe south Park link is what people will be saying “they took are jobs durki durk lol”

    • Stan says:

      i didnt think i could ever laugh at this bunch – thanks guys, Great animation. i fell a little better now.

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