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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: November 8, 2010 @ 11:57 am

    Honesty in Politics

    Deaglán de Bréadún

    Minister of State Conor Lenihan is getting it in the neck for conceding that FF could well lose the Donegal by-election. “Another gaffe, etc.” But wasn’t he just being honest?

    Speaking  on RTE’s The Week in Politics programme, Conor Lenihan said: “Everything is there to play for but I would accept from the outset that it is very unlikely that a Government candidate will win.

    “We will be at the races but I think it is broadly unlikely that a Government candidate of any kind would win a by election.”

    On the other two promised by elections he said: “We have committed to holding those by elections, whatever happens, in the first quarter of next year. They will happen. All I am saying here is, it is a very simple matter of fact really, that it may be that we’re in a general election before then. I don’t know, but I do know that we will try to get this budget through. We’ll try to get the four year programme in place so that we are making the kind of adjustments that will see this country through from recession into recovery.”

    • DesJay says:

      “But wasn’t he just being honest?” Maybe someone should ask him.

      One thing that’s sure is this: the gang that causes the mess are not always the one made to pay for not cleaning it up quickly enough. Plenty of examples in Irish history. And take the US Democrats, for example. The Economist could tell us they owed an apology to Obama because, in spite of their past, wrong-headed certainty, Obama saved the US motor industry and he also “saved capitalism.”

      Unfortunately, no individual or group of stature has stepped forward to make the badly- needed plea for real unity in the face of diversity: because that real unity cannot be achieved without real justice. And that justice is not expected under an FF-dominated politic. FF and their puppet-masters in the EU.

    • robespierre says:

      No wonder he is getting it in the neck. Blind loyalty is what is most appreciated in Zanu FF. They have as good an economic record to run on as Mugabe at this stage so failing the rigging of the ballot boxes it will only be the arch republicanism of Donegal that would see Zanu FF get rewarded for gross incompetence.

      Anyway in the event that they do actually win, it will be a pyrrhic victory. The real worry for ordinary punters is that Enda Kenny cannot explain a basic (not remotely complicated) change program that centred on a cost and competency review, a streamlining of processes and a review of staff numbers. That was it. He needed to know what processes/services he was talking about, the number of heads involved in the review and the cost targets. It is a fairly simple matrix to set-out.

      I don’t think anybody could be remotely comfortable with Kenny becoming Taoiseach. Equally, I find the prospect of a FF Taoiseach toxic for different reasons. Finally, if Labour get in then no hard decisions will be made because they won’t do anything to their pals in the Unions.

    • Seanie fITZ says:

      i believe that there will be a general election in december/january. John McGuinness has been rattling cages of late, neither he nor Mattie McGrath will vote for the budget ( jackie healy rae won’t if the OAP is cut), an election will be called and McGuinness will be elected and could v possibly top the poll. he will then become leader of FF.
      as for labours “pals in the unions”, there are over 730,000 workers in this country that are union members, why wouldn’t labour or any other political party listen to them.
      in my opinion union membership for the soon to be extinct middle class has never been more important, thoush we need a change of union leadership and need to become much more militant

    • robespierre says:


      I have had to work with unionised parts of the public sector and I find the attitude particularly at more junior grades to be reprehensible. Few in the private sector have the luxury of being able to say “not my job” and call in a shop steward to claim exploitation of the “werkers”.

      Rather the essence of team work is rolling up your sleeves and getting on with something. Lads in the unions who have mostly worked at obfuscating progress in other peoples workplaces ill fit what we need. I include certain Labour figures as ex officio members of the trots on Tara st bridge.

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