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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: October 31, 2010 @ 8:50 pm

    JFK Speechwriter Sorensen Dies

    Deaglán de Bréadún

    Ted Sorensen, famous as a speechwriter and adviser to the late John F. Kennedy has died. Click here

    • Bob says:

      Would be interested to hear your thoughts on this:


      I was shocked by your thread on drugs & alcohol and your caveman ideals with respect to this and wondered if this goes any way to amending your blinkered views?

    • minxie says:

      RIP Ted Sorensen

      And thanks for posting fascinating piece on Sorensen by Tim Weiner, Deaglán.
      A gifted and trusted advisor – surely the most valuable thing the leader of a country can have.

      PS – I would like to say that I am absolutely and utterly disgusted by that paint-throwing incident, which involved a councillor reportedly throwing red paint at the Minister for Health. I would congratulate Mary Harney for carrying on with dignity and continuing with the ceremony.
      That said, I think from a fashion point of view, a black dress with a splash of red really does look quite stunning and Ms Harney carries it off brilliantly, but thumbs down and zero for that very nasty paint-thrower. (Eirígí Councillor Louise Minihan was arrested but released without charge.)

    • Bob: Have we met before and were you using another name/pseudonym? And what is your agenda? I stand by my “caveman” view that the the law against hard drugs should as far as possible be forcefully applied against celebs and members of the middle-classes who should be setting a good example to society in return for their positions of privilege. But for the record, I think the abuse of alcohol is at least as great an evil, if not more so.

    • Minxie: You sound like the real Minxie, not the impersonation by a certain other commentator. Interesting to read assessments of Sorensen’s role in the book, “Profiles in Courage”, as outlined in the following links:



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