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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: October 21, 2010 @ 6:25 pm

    Political Correctness

    Deaglán de Bréadún

    Is political correctness gone too far? This thought is inspired by the fate of US broadcaster Juan Williams: was he just being honest and reflecting the feelings that a lot of people would have in similar circumstances, or was he making a prejudicial remark? Click here

    • Seems like an over reaction to me, I think I caught part of that piece with O’Reilly and while he started off as if he was going to agree with Bill O’Reilly he ended up sort of admonishing him.

    • fem/me says:

      ‘Don’t ask…Don’t tell’…!
      Isn’t that question grammatically incorrect?

    • robespierre says:

      Seems like an example of a scenario where Noam Chomsky would be fighting to allow his inplacable enemies continue to at least advocate their prejudice. Sadly, this is commercial and about ads on NPR – I checked they are not the BBC – they do take ad revenue.

      Ireland is funny in contrast as we do not really have reporters per se anymore in the main media outlets. The scribe on this blog also writes columns occasionally. We have firmly moved from Newspapers and News Bulletins to Viewspapers and Views Bulletins.

      Economics is however crowding out the market place – here is a link to an interesting short on news from the wonderful TED.com.


    • There is a long, long tradition of political correspondents with The Irish Times writing analysis/op-ed pieces as well as news. The important thing is that the analysis be clearly distinguished from news. I can safely say that my news reporting is both impartial and fair and that my Op-Ed pieces are generally analytical rather than opinionated. But we are not automatons.

    • robespierre says:

      I was not saying you are partial in your reports actually although I didn’t make that clear. I meant rather the likes of [named reporters] from the Montrose stable who very definitely put a slant on things. There is a definite on-side (or should that be on-snide) aspect to much of the RTE news stable.

      I remember reading Dick Roche (I think that was his name – he had a magnificent challenge to Haughey at one stage) writing Op-Ed’s so I know it is long established.

      The Observer however is an example of a Viewspaper with a limited amount of reporting – even the reporting seems to be reportage.

    • Thank you. BTW the journalist’s name was Dick Walsh (1938-2003), not Dick Roche! And while I’m at it, what is the difference between reporting and reportage? Are they not one and the same thing.
      I see Juan Williams has landed a lucrative contract with Fox News: http://tinyurl.com/2ugjnp6

    • fem/me says:

      Political Correcrtness has not only too far it has gone off the radar for certain racial/ethnic groups…or those with ‘other’ sexual preferences…
      It has gone beyond outlawing discriminatory/prejudical views/behaviour to not being allowed to express ANY view…even when it is true for fear of being deemed un-pc…
      For other groups… it has not gone far enough…in particular in respect of anti-Irish and/or misogynistic behaviour…and/or…double whammy…Irish women…
      It is still OK… seemingly… to sterotype ‘Paddies’ even in the home of PC…and even those who would have an attack of the vapours to come within an ass’s roar of a homophobic remark still feel they can use obscene terms for women’s genitalia as a form of insult…with impunity…even on the otherwise PC-centric IT…
      Anyone with the temerity to object or challenge such offensive behaviour is then vilified/subjected to misogynitic sexist/homophobic abuse…accused either of having ‘no sense of humour’…yeah right…or being a ‘dyke’…
      It seems that you only have to scratch the surface to reveal the misogynist lurking beneath…

    • robespierre says:

      My simple understanding of reporting versus reportage is something along the lines of a reporter states: the cat sat on the mat.

      Reportage is a feline reclined on a type or carpet although the reason why it chose to do so is as of now unclear. A spokesman for the cat and the mat declined to speculate on any motive.

      An editorial asks whether or not sitting or a mat or indeed being a cat is a good or bad thing and whether either tells us something about ourselves.

      I could be entirely wrong.

    • fem/me says:

      Are you available for after dinner speaking engagements..?

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