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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: October 7, 2010 @ 6:11 pm

    Fine Gael deliberations

    Deaglán de Bréadún

    There was a meeting of the Fine Gael parliamentary party last night which took place in private but your humble scribe talked afterwards to a number of those present: click here.

    • You didn’t let on it was me in my James Reilly disguise that was talking to ya again?

    • minXie says:

      Good Lord! Scanning Leinster House for bugs!! Somebody’s getting paranoid. Has to be the makings of a movie here. Remember “All the President’s Men” – Jeepers Deaglán – yourself and Harry could play the leads – wonder who Deep Throat could be………hmmmmm. I know, the dramatic opening scene could be a gigantic cement-mixer truck heading straight at……..DAIL GATE

    • robespierre says:

      There was an interesting contretemps the other night between David McWilliams and Mary Hanafin where the Minister lost it completely in her adamancy that Senior Debt holders must be guaranteed and dealt with in the same way as depositors.

      McWilliams made the quite simple observation that we could try to negotiate down with them. If we are bailed out by the EU/IMF they will not get 100% anyway so we actually have a relatively strong position to go back to them with.

      Her reaction was very telling. She doesn’t even understand the most basic principles of negotiation.

      RTE last Saturday – was sent podcast yesterday.

    • mInxie says:

      @3 — Yeah but robespierre, maybe she understands the basic principles of straightforwardness – not a common trait amongst journalists/economists these (who-the-hell-knows-what’s-going-on) days…

    • Sue d O'Nym says:

      @2 minXie/borebora….Deaglan as Robert Redford…so you do have a sense of humour…either that or your ‘kin blind…

    • Sue d O'Nym says:

      Acyually I think Deaglan would be better cast in….Oh never mind…Harry’s a bit tooo good lookin’ for Dustin Hoffman…more Andy Garcia/Al Pacino…!

    • minXie says:

      @ 5,6 and all over the place P/Sieu/d/O
      Posted this on Harry’s blog ’bout a week ago (but I reckon the lights are out in that blog cabin at the moment)
      Anyway could ya please stop cyberstalking me — it’s getting irksome…………and a little scary……Wooooooooooo

    • MinXie and Sue d O’Nym – do you know each other?

    • minXie says:

      @8 — In answer to your query, no Deaglán — only in the way that a virtual protagonist knows her virtual nemesis. It seems to me that Sue d O’Nym cyberstalks the blogs simply for the purpose of interjecting vicious and sneering comments and when she is challenged she goes ballistic — which can be fun. I’m horrible sometimes.

    • That’s good to hear. I can just about cope with one Sue/Ruby but having to deal with her alter ego would be beyond human endurance :-) I love the expression “Blog Cabin”! From Blog Cabin to White House, throw another Blog on the fire, etc. That’s enough for now.

    • Sue d O'Nym says:

      I’ve tried to send a reply to your comment but keep geting timed out…if you have received them can you just post the last one it deals with the points I’ve made most concisely…least said soonest mended thanx

    • Sue d O'Nym says:

      In the event that my earlier comments were lost I repeat
      borebora: re cyberstalking…only in your fantasies…
      Your commentsregarding my posts have a hollow ring given however given your constant imitation of everything I write…to the extent that you are confused with me…
      However for once I agree with you… you are as you say ‘horrible’… as other commentators have realised… notably on the Comments pages…You can fool some of the people…etc
      As Deaglan likes to say… to those he is unable to browbeat……get a life!
      Deaglan your conduct on this blog belies your status as an International journalist…still you have met your intellectual equal in the petty borebora….. however you are to be commended on your tenacity…
      Des FitzGerald…I would just like to say I have come to understand your position regarding the stranglehold of dynasties on Irish politics…you are still a bit dodgy on feminism…maybe in time I would win you round on that one..

    • minXie says:

      Deaglán, in actual fact and this just occurred to me; the ones who regularly post comments are male. There are relatively very few females posting comments/voicing opinion. So when a blogger (mostly male around here) recognises something different is happening in the responses (as in not your usual obvious male-type comment) and he encounters this “difference” in only a couple of regular female ‘voices’, he realizes these different voices to be “other” (not of his kind) and then assumes each of these “others” to be acquainted with the “other” – simply on account of their similarity in difference (if you follow what I’m saying) and then he is inclined to dismiss these “strangers to his kind” as oddities. And perhaps the dynamic here is a reflection of the dilemma for the female in our culture (especially the political arena) in so far as the female voice is still considered an oddity in this predominantly male “theatre” and where the few female voices that enter this arena (including the broad arena of political commentary) end up screeching like hyenas – to attract attention to the voice of difference?? – At any rate, to be heard. I think my floundering fledgling theory is proposing that our male-dominated political culture has made hysterical hyenas out of women.
      So Sue d O’Nym, say it loud and say it clear – “I’m a hyena and I’m proud..!!”

      Oh My God, Deaglán I am just OVERWHELMED by the Chilean Miners Rescue – Please talk about this

    • minXie says:


      15 MINERS RESCUED AT THIS POINT IN TIME — HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • me! says:

      @ 14 Oh dear….! Still howling at the moon…’Cut-out-and-keep/paste barbie’…? do you think you could be a little more convoluted…?

    • me! says:

      @13…’however you are to be commended on your tenacity’…that was directed to Des Fitz…seems I just don’t have cut’n'paste skills of ‘cut out and keep’/paste… borebera…!
      Still amused by ‘jamgate’…spoze Bruton could now be known as ‘Jambo’…
      If nothing else this blog has been a valuable lesson that Ireland is SOOO not ready for feminism….

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