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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: September 28, 2010 @ 7:42 pm

    Party Games

    Deaglán de Bréadún

    Fine Gael have taken a hard line on the pairing arrangements. They clearly didn’t expect Ruairi Quinn to pull the rug from under from them. FG can’t very well backtrack but maybe will adopt a more flexible position. Would Labour really go in with FF after all?

    • Desmond FitzGerald says:

      This was planned by FG, they knew Labour would step up to give a pair to Coughlan, the irony of a woman who doesn’t know the difference between Alma Mater and Imprimatur is almost funny.

      Just as well she’s only meeting some career counsellors and not the Deans of Yale or Harvard, which you’d think she was meeting going by the hysterical reaction from FF. She had probably booked in for some shopping and pampering and was angry she might miss that.

      Now Labour has stepped in to help FF. The seed has been sown that Labour will put FF back into office. There are lots of people who remember voting for Labour in 1992 to put a FG/L coalition into office only to see Labour put FF back – will they make the same mistake twice?

      The only way to be 100% certain of FF being out of office is to vote for Fine Gael.

    • Michael says:

      If you were uber-cynical you may suspect that FG planned the whole thing in order to raise the question you ask Deaglan; “Would Labour really go in with FF after all?”. But I don’t think they are that devious.

      Incidentally I don’t think Labour are likely to go in with FF, nor is Quinn’s pairing a sign of it. In the short term Labour look good and FG look bad out of this. But I would have liked to see the Tanaiste answer the questions that FG wanted her in the Dail to face.

    • robespierre says:

      Still quite a lot of dissent in the ranks chez les chemises bleues. Lucinda Creighton’s blog posting on Monday coming when it did (after the announcement on pairings) was a pretty forthright condemnation (again) of the party hierarchy. Her paean to put the country first on all sides evidently dropped on deaf ears. I still think it is more than a bit rich for FG which has been facilitating the government while it was on EU business through the offering of pairs to condemn Ruairi Quinn for his sleight of hand but also his sense of priorities.

      One point lost here is that Labour don’t have to give pairs because FG already do it. Were they the biggest party it would be irresponsible to be preventing Ministers from travelling on state business to attend the latest green whim be it biking, hiking or dyking.

    • The Slog says:

      Everywhere in the world right now, dead-heat elections and hung Parliaments seem to be in the supremacy. Except that – facing the greatest economic crisis since the 16th century Spanish silver price collapse – there is no supremacy or direction…only argument about arid subjects.
      There is politics, and there is playing petty politics. This is a war – pure and simple: a social war against the banks, and a trade war against thinly-disguised Chinese imperialism. If we want the world after Crash 2 to be run by Beijing, Rupert Murdoch and Lloyd Blankfein, I suggest we carry on as we are.
      There is no shaft of depravity too deep for these people to mine: let’s try and remember that.

    • babz says:

      Well the title of this blog “Party Games” prompted me to google “party games” and an American website offers the following + the games are star rated:

      Wits and Wagers
      Say Anything
      Smarty Party
      Loaded Questions

      “Balderdash” gets four stars and is described as “a great game that combines wordsmithing and bluffing”!! “Malarky” gets three stars and is described as “…an imponderables bluffing game. Bluff the answer to interesting questions if you can!”

      Come on..!! They should call the whole collection “Dail Chamber” !!

    • paul m says:

      there is something of a quandary facing labour alright and from what figures have been thrown around i’d throw my two cents in that the options are either;

      1. Labour & FF with Cowen and some senior front benchers removed. Labour would have to ensure FF play the role of the PD’s in their coalition otherwise you may get dissent in the Labour ranks and the public may not stand for more of the FF circus even in a striped back form. Cant see the leopards changing their spots that quickly.

      2. Labour, SF and Independents – quite an interesting mix, and would shore up the shortfall that would enable Labour to have a strong majority control over government. SF are no Green party though and i imagine they’d negotiate harder, plus do we need more independents just looking for local handouts for their support on votes? A lot of the electorate still probably not ready for SF in government. But we need to start somewhere, after all there was a time when they weren’t recognised as a credible political party, and they may well gain more ground in this election that merits serious thought about their inclusion

      which leaves the stickiest situation of the lot til last… Labour & FG
      Its a strong pairing but with too many chefs vying for top spot I couldnt see Gilmore stepping back as Tanaiste to Kennys Taoiseach or vice versa. This is very much our own Obama Clinton mix, whereby it would take a big gesture from Kenny to give away the top seat but if he did it would guarantee a landslide victory in the next general election. I think Enda Kenny may just well consider it or face another 4 – 8 years outside government again, by which time FF will probably have rebuilt its reputation and support. The ball is in the blueshirts’ court with this one.

    • Sue d O'Nym says:

      Desmond FitzGerald…You 21st century man! Save to say that ‘You can’t polish a Richard’… I wouldn’t dignify that wholly gratuitous sexist remark with a reply…Keep on alienating 50% of the electorate…

    • Desmond FitzGerald says:

      Oh poor Sue – I was simply stating a fact that Coughlan is a woman, unless you know differently. She also happens to be completely unfit for office, again another self evident fact. I merely call it as I see it.

      But I suppose you being a woman and all wouldn’t understand. Too taxing for you dear :-)

    • Sue d O'Nym says:

      Leave it out mate…
      You may well be right about her fitness for office…and I think it is evident that she is a woman…so why make gratuitous sexist points about shopping and pampering…someone should really give you a good clip around the ear and put manners on you…!
      Anyway I thought you’d be at Labour Party Conference schmoozing the Politerati in Gunchester…
      And lose the smileys willya…!

    • Labour will go into coalition with Fianna Fail, in the national interest. That is my opinion.

    • Sue d O'Nym says:

      I take it you’re moderating today Deaglan…?

    • @11 I’ve forgotten how many noms de blog you have used at this stage Sue d O’Nym/Ruby/Snidecommentator but I imagine people will have little difficulty knowing who it is – briseann an dúchas trí shúile an chait!

    • Sue d O'Nym says:

      Miaow…! you didn’t think I’d know what that meant did you…?
      Snide moi?…You’d lave me in the ha’penny place when it comes to snide comments…
      Don’t hide your spite behind a barbarian tongue…Speaking of barbarians maybe you could include the multiple names of the copycat commentator…You remind me of those snide journos who used to refer to SinnFein/IRA…

    • Another contributor to the blog comments has suggested to me that you and Minxie are the same person!

    • Minxie is so nice it can’t be true!

    • Sue d O'Nym says:

      Deaglan As I have confirmed several times…I am neither barbera or any of her other identities as you well know…however I think you and her are a match made in heaven…and as she stated in her Vlad the Impaler post she’s looking for a man so away with ye…Every oul’ shoe finds an oul’ stockin’….

    • Always the bitther word …

    • Sue d O'Nym says:

      Is minic an fhirnne searbh…Olann an cat ciunn bainne leis…!

    • Not bad! Is iad na muca ciúine a itheas an mhin.

    • Sue d O'Nym says:

      Bionn ciuin ciontach…!

    • Sue d O'Nym says:

      I have been called many things in my somewhat unconventional controversial and eventful life but I am proud to declare that I have NEVER been described by that most anodyne of adjectives as NICE…deo volente…!
      I’m a bit bored today so I am humouring myself by brightening up your blogs with my superior wit…!

    • barbzzzz says:

      ………………..purring……….comment @15.
      But sharpening the claws for the rest……can’t decide if Sue d O is tending towards a Superiority or an Inferiority complex…….you decide Sue

    • Sue d O'Nym says:

      @17 Actually ‘like the Murphys I’m not bitter’…
      @18 delete ‘olan an cat cuinn bainne leis’ and insert ‘Is minic aingeal ar a Diabhal fein’…
      @15 You deserve each other….!

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