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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: May 31, 2010 @ 10:01 am

    Death in the Mediterranean

    Deaglán de Bréadún

    Some time ago I wrote a blog-post here on Victimhood. It’s the really-effective way to achieve your aims in a political struggle. Now the Israelis have bestowed victimhood on the Gaza blockade-busters and the political fall-out for Israel is going to be very negative by the looks of things.

    It is shocking to hear that ten, or is 19?, activists have been killed. Some of them may be Irish – we don’t know yet. There is talk of an 18-month-old child being among the passengers but apparently not hurt. Naturally, one’s deepest sympathies must go to the families of the dead although the wisdom of the entire venture must be at least a matter of debate.

    At this early stage, the facts are unclear. All we can say is that the incident is a disaster for those who were killed and that it also looks like a major political disaster for the Israelis.

    One thinks of  the massacre at Tienanmen Square (although that was on a much bigger scale) which shocked the world. (Mind you, the same world is beating a path to Beijing these days on the economic and business agenda: sadly, outrage doesn’t always last.)

    Anone who wishes to read the blog on Victimhood, click here.

    • Paul says:

      I hate to think you’re right about the power of victimhood Deaglan but you may well be, seems the zionists were quite happy to take advantage of a Tragedy to further their cause back in the day.


      Did you hear what the Deputy F. Minister of Israel said the morning after the attack?
      DEPUTY FM AYALON: “Good morning, everyone. I want to report this morning that the armada of hate and violence in support of the Hamas terror organization was a premeditated and outrageous provocation. The organizers are well-known for their ties to Global Jihad, Al-Qaeda and Hamas. They have a history of arms smuggling and deadly terror. On board the ship we found weapons that were prepared in advance and used against our forces. The organizers’ intent was violent, their method was violent, and unfortunately, the results were violent.”

      Just outrageous. I think we should be very careful to judge events based on the small amount of edited footage of what went on and the testimony of soldiers. An independent enquiry is required.

      For me, the only real long term outcome of the blockade is the strengthening of Hamas and a new generation brought up to hate.

    • Paul says:

      One more point, this idea that Israel has to do everything in its power to protect its citizens. Are their any constraints on what it can do to protect its citizens?

      What about putting Irish people in danger by forging Irish passports to commit a murder on foreign soil? Is it a case that the safety of Israeli citizens can come at the expense of the safety of Irish citizens?

    • Betterworld Now says:

      The blockade of Gaza is modelled on the US blockade of Cuba, only the Israeli effort it is a good deal less intrusive. It is possible to list all the materials that Israel will not allow into Gaza, but the list of what the USA won’t allow into Cuba fills many volumes. It even includes an Irish cheque, drawn on an Irish bank containing the word “Cuba” in the payee line. This cheque was eventually allowed to be cleared by the US Office of Foreign assets Control in April 2010. The money was a donation from a trade union in Northern Ireland to support the work of Cuban doctors working in Haiti.

      Paypal, on the other hand, are not allowed to accept any donation from anywhere in the world for the Cuban doctors working in Haiti as it is illegal under the US Trading with the Enemy Act.

      The US blockade of Cuba is the longest and most intensive blockade in human history, almost 50 years in existence. It is also the reason why the USA will never condemn the Israeli blockade of Gaza. At the UN, Israel is the only country that consistently votes with the USA in support of the US blockade of Cuba – everyone else condemns it.

      So long as there is a blockade of Cuba, there will be a blockade of Gaza.

    • Don says:

      You know over the years I have tired of debating the Israel Palestinian conflict. Israel will act with impunity until the US stop supporting them. Can this ever happen – I am not optimistic. Anyone who criticises Israel is deemed an anti-semite which is an insult to the victims of the Holocaust. How a people can use the misery of the genocide of so many of their fellow people as a cloak to allow such barbarity is despicable.

      But there are many Jewish people who are not zionist supporters of the state of Israel and I believe some of these were on the flotilla – maybe its decent Jewish people like them that hold the future resolution to this mess.

    • dave says:

      The U Tube video, We Con The World, says it all.


    • Desmond FitzGerald says:

      @Don 54: ‘how a people can use the misery of the genocide of so many of their felloe people as a cloak to allow barbarity is despicable’

      Perhaps you are not aware of a country called Ireland which has spent over 150 years wrapping the cloak of famine victimhood around them to justify murdering innocent British civilians and of a campaign over 40 years to intimidate local communities and to attack members of the British Army and the police in Northern Ireland and even people delivering take away pizza.

      This country, Ireland, also used the famine to justify people sending money to NORAD – a precursor of Hamas in many ways, and to the Catholic Church, which in turn tortured and abused generations of men, women, boys, girls and children.

      If you dare question the victimhood of Ireland due to the famien you are labelled a West Brit – even in 2010 if you were to express support for the English football team at the World Cup you’ll get insulted and your Irishness questioned.

      If Israel has no reason to blockage Gaza then why isn’t Hamas calling their bluff and publicly declaring it has no desire to murder Israeli civilians and wants to reach a peaceful solution to the conflict – it doesn’t have to say it likes Israel, just like the IRA never had to say they liked the fact parts of Ulster are part of the UK but the fact is they are and the fact is Israel exists – like it or not.

      So when the rockets from Iran reach Gaza and are used to attack and kill Israeli civilians will there be internationla condemnation and a flotilla sent to provide help and support to Israeli citizens?

    • dave says:


      Here’s my two pence worth.

      1. You are completely wrong that “anyone who criticises Israel is deemed an anti-Semite”. The problem is that many -who knows how many?- of these critics are, and hide their anti-Semitism under the cloak of being anti-Israeli. On the other hand, many -again who knows how many? – are simply anti-israeli, without being at all anti-Semitic.

      It’s similar how when people criticise Islam, they automatically get accused of being Islamophobic. Sometimes they without doubt are Islamophobes, and sometimes they are not, and simply are criticical of how many islamic countries treat their gays, and their women, as well as their Jews, Christiians, and their apostates.

      Sometimes I’d even venture to guess that they are both at the same time, as there is nothing mutually exclusive about someone being anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli at the same time. Anyway, being anti-Israeli – just like being anti Irish – is also a form of racism. Having a prejudged bias, in other words a prejudice, against any nation or people is nothing less than racism. Thus a bias against Israel is racist, but not necessarily anti-Semitic.

      2. Your statement that you believe “many Jewish people who are not zionist supporters of the state of Israel may help resolve the conflict implies that Jewish people who are Zionist supporters are not decent people and that they cannot resolve the conflict, a rather prejudicial and biased claim. You fail to accept that the resolution of any of the problems of the Middlle East are not within the power of any one party to resolve alone. All parties are involved, which is why Hamas has to change its Charter in order to become involved. I believe that their Charter is what is holding it back.

      When all sides to this multifaceted conflict decide that they are prepared to honestly recognise the existence of each other (Hamas has to follow Arafat’s lead and change its Charter calling for the destrucution of Israel) and renounce violence, that can be the start of a true ceasefire, and that means no more rockets. Peaceful negotiations cannot happen until there is a peaceful ceasefire. Without any peace on the ground, or Charter chage the USA will never have reason to press Israel to make real concessions. It is thus in Hamas’ interest to change that Charter, and accept that they, like the PA, have to negotiate with Israel. If Hamas does not settle its differences with the PA, any agreement reached between Israela and the PA will not be worth anything.

    • dealga says:


      Assuming you’ll read this and you are in a position to discuss the matter with the Letters Ed, I wonder if you could raise the possibility that he/she starts requiring correspondents who claim such-and-such is ‘a breach of International Law’ to quote the relevant articles they are referring to.

      Having read the letters about this incident published over the last few days I think it’s clear most of the people chucking that and similar phrases about with abandon don’t have a notion what they’re talking about, and are simply regurgitating what similarly ill researched opinions that they have read and heard elsewhere.

    • paddy says:

      The Israeli Jews want all of the land of Israel because their God gave it to them. Hundreds of years before they arrived on that land the God of the canaanites had given it to them and they made it a land”of milk and honey”. It is very common to use religion to wage war or gain riches, Hitler also used it. The occupied territories was the name that Hitler called Poland and other nations under his control. Israel is calling palestinian land “occupied territory” also and their intention is to build on it and use every pretext to take take all the land they can grab. There will be no peace in the near east until Israeli leaders accept that they cannot have all of the land of the formerly called area of Palestine.


    • dave says:


      1. Your premise is false, and therefore everthing that follows is false. The Israeli Jews as you call them (actually many Israelis are Christians, other faiths and none, but hey let’s not go there, or we’ll be there all night) do not “want all the land”. Over 62 years ago Israel accepted the UN partition of Palestine, but the Arabs did not want to have a Jewsh state in their midst. It was they who wanted “all the land”, and they attacked the Jewish State at its very birth. Then twice again in the next few decades they tried to anninhilate Israel, each time they lost and after each loss they refused to accept the existence of Israel.

      2. Prior to 1967, it was Jordan and Egypt who “occupied” the West Bank and Gaza, and they kept the Palestinians in abject poverty, not allowing them to integrate into their countries, keeping them in refugee camps, feeding their hate.

      3. Prior to 1967, the Arab countries could have established a Palestinian State, because they occupied the exact same land that the world now wants a Palestinian State to consist of. They could have done it 1948, as the United Nations recommended. But, guess what? No, they used the Palestinians as pawns in their fight and refusal with Israel and only in recent years did they accept the possibility that the Jews – again a huge threat to their anti-democratic regimes, and still to this day – had a right to exist there. Some of these countries and Hamas in Gaza still educate their children with that notorious forgery Protocols of the The Elders of Zion.

      4. After the Arab countries lost the 1967 War, and then the Yom Kipurr War in 1973 , only then gradually did Egypt and Jordan come round to “smoking the peace pipe” with Israel.

      5. Israel does not want to occupy the West Bank partly or mainly for demographic reasons, but its large settlements there will be exchanged for land inside of Israel. The PA and Israel have already agreed this, they know what shape the furure Palestine will be. But the main problem will be how Jerusalem will be divided.

      6. Unfortunately Hamas has not yet accepted Israel’s right to exist and accepted prior agreeements made between the Palestinian Authority and Israel, When these things change and one day soon let’s all hope they will, all parties will eventually smoke the peace pipe. Everybody knows the final map of the two countries, Israel and Palestine, and one day it will be achieved.

    • Kynos. says:

      Jews say you can get used to anything except a stone in your shoe. And a lie is only a lie (and thus very severely frowned upon by Judaic Law) if it is a) covering a truth to which the person being told it is entitled and b) will hurt them . Otherwise it isn’t a lie. And Yad Vashem confers upon those murdered millions of Nazism a place where their names will never be cut off. And all their young soldiers go there all the time, carrying their personal weaponry. Some of them the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen. If I may say with no intent of being sexist just a statement of fact sorry I’ve ever seen. Everyone of them is a solider. By Colonel Kurtz’s estimation of what a good soldier should be. As distinct from errand boys sent by grocery clerks. He’d have ended the war in ten weeks, and even in fiction that makes him a great man. Imo. He would spit on our timid morality. That makes us say one thing and do another. Take torture for instance. Or not launching aggressive wars. Or telling the truth half the time and the other half using it to spin propaganda to control other people’s behaviours. We completely weaken ourselves by such hypocrisy and as a result our wars are long and far more bloodier and we ultimately destroy our societies and wealth for the enrichment of the Rough Beasts the mil-ind-political complexes that create and control them at the material level. Either we are or we aren’t. Against torture and illegal aggressive war and lies. And we behave as such and be strong honest people. Or we aren’t. In which we behave as such and be strong people. Either way. But this lukewarm shit. The Israelis have no time for it. They go in with the boots and don’t give a damn what the world thinks half the world tried to wipe them out. And about 10 million of them lately have come from a place where that happened a lot more recently even than 1936-45. They’ve been moved there with the assistance of the Religious Right in the US. From the former Soviet Union. It’s all very interesting. When you stick to your own experience and what you read with care.

    • dave says:


      I had to return and re read – what you wrote above – a few times before I could ascertain exactly what you were driving at. In my opinion – finally – I see that you are making many good insighful points; most of which I agree with. You seem – unlike many other biased contributers – to be able to put yourself in the shoes of the Israelis, what they have gone through. I just wish you could have edited your piece (which tended to meander a good deal) so that it would not have been so difficult to read. But otherwise, great, good stuff.

      Just one thing I would seriously fault you on: You should have elaborated in depth on those “most beautiful women soldiers”!! What features can you recall stood out the most?

    • rubyrubyrubyruby says:

      dave…you’ll get used to reading kynos’ style…it’s unique but always contains original thoughts and expressions…sometimes in Mandarin!…it’s stream of conciousness, he writes as he thinks…he’s a bit special…
      Oh yes… he loves women…all women… he’s never intentionally sexist..ergo women ‘love’ him…he’s missing Bryan’s blog where he could really let his thoughts soar…please don’t change it let the reader do the work…

    • kynos says:

      Nice of you to say Ruby. Dave, what stood out most? Well the obvious. They were women. With M-16s. I found the sight terribly unsettling. If I were a soldier facing them my mid-brain reflext – which in most non-brutalised non-reconstructed personalities actually acts to prevent us killing our own species – would still freeze. Shoot a woman?? And then I would be dead. And thank you very much for taking the time to read my meanderings usually just reread them once and that’s after they’ve been published but shure how can I know what I think til I see what I say.

    • rubyrubyrubyruby says:

      See what I mean dave?…quod erat demonstrandum…love the last line…!

    • dave says:


      Now, I may just be wrong – but I guess you don’t get many requests to stand for the Dail???

      Mind you, you would be much more interesting that those self-serving gravy-train passengers. Even if you became one yourself, you would do great stand-up in the Dail, or even the Senate, if you could steal yourself away from those freebie golf courses away from it all on your 4 months of holiers, and 1 day work weeks, double, no, treble jobbing, not to forget treble Sundays in Paris, after Les Bleus lose to South Africa 2-1, 3-1, 34-1 who cares. Moi? Non. And loads of lolly expenses, yummy yummy, love it, love it, gao go poopety poo.

      My God, Kynos! I’m talking like you already. I see I’ve transformed into you. Help!! AAAAH!!

    • dave says:

      Kynos might perhaps provide the source of the last line “how can I know what I think til I see what I say.”

      I may be wrong but was it not E M Forster’s line?

    • Kynos says:

      I’m not sure who wrote the line Dave but it wasn’t me originally. I think it is preceded by the phrase “As the little girl said…”. Read it somewhere years ago and thought it fitted my own way of seeing stuff. You’re correct. I don’t get any requests to stand for the Dail and thank goodness for that. Years ago when I first started writing on here and trying to tell the ‘truth’ (as I see it, sure what is the truth only something we occasionally bump into while stumbling around in the dark? I think that was some Nobel prize winner in the Lit category but for the life of me can’t think who) some who opposed my views would resort to the “If you feel like that why don’t you join politics then?” (The alternative their limited imaginations furnished was always “Why don’t you leave Ireland then” which I couldn’t really considering I was already living in China. So I left my Irish citizenship instead, figuring that neither it nor I deserved the warm welcome so many many countries gave us both at Immigration under the deluded impression that Ireland was a country that harmed no other country and was deserving of merit as a post colonial society that had never engaged in Imperial escapades of cowardice inhumanity and rapine – which as we all now know, whether we choose to admit it or not, is quite untrue. Ireland has profited most mightily, or rather those of Her Elites qua Crony Circles have, from the murder and torture of uncounted millions by what I call the Coalition of the Shilling including inter alia Ireland the US and the UK, since March 2003. So thus I travel on the passport of an honest whore these days. My British one (born in UK of Irish parents raised in IRL so dual national from birth) which at least has the decency to be known and hated the world over for the historical and current sins of the Brits. Much as it galls me (heh pardon the pun) I’d rather that than travel on the passport of a dishonest whore aka Ireland. Anyway. Even if someone were so foolish as to ask me to stand for the Dail my reply would be both polite and gentle. I am not an Irish citizen. I have a few – a very few – principles left which I’d like to keep. Seeing what the Greens did to themselves and their voters, not to mention Ireland’s karma, in 2007 finally assured me that a career in Irish politics would not be something I’d entertain (even if I’d not written such revealing stuff about meself on here over the years as to make me toxically radioactive in all polite society never mind Irish politics). It’s the old I’d rather have me soul than the whole world thing. I believe in souls. Coming close to losing yers tends to sort of reinforce the feeling that you’d surely miss it when it was gone. Anyway it’s late and rambling on like this. To put it mildly Dave I have an honest job and that’ll do me. Just like to write here get things off me chest if it gives others a laugh and a lift to their day and annoys those whom I’d be very happy to annoy then that’s all I want from this. Cheers though and thanks for your kind words they make me feel good.

    • rubylicious says:

      kynos a leanabh
      he wasn’t being kind he was being snide…
      you wouldn’t be the only ‘plagiarist’ on these pages…in your case unintentionally…seems they’re a rich vein of form for the less scrupulous including IT journo’s who like junkies cannot resist temptation in this case of a well turned phrase…although it is in fact theft…well travelled you may be KupKaKe but innocent you remain…one in a million…
      hope you had a good time at the races and won more than you lost…financially that is…tho’ I expect it matters not a jot to you…!

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