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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: April 13, 2010 @ 10:41 am

    No Election

    Deaglán de Bréadún

    No general election for two years, a senior Labour Party person told me yesterday. Can this be? Will the people tolerate it? Will the Opposition be happy to wait until all the “dirty work” is done by the present administration?

    • Liam says:

      It maybe better this way. If the present gov. has made a monumental error with Nama, 2 years should be plenty of time to see the wheels come off the cart.
      Just watch interest and gov. borrowing rates over the next year. Greece is only the tip of the iceberg , Eastern Europe and the other PIGS are just a twitchy bond market away from a default.
      Reminds me of the joke about the person who wants to come back as the Bond market over the Pope or the President of the US so that he can scare everybody!

    • enda says:

      This cannot happen. Surely in a democracy there must be some way of forcing an election. Perhaps those three by elections which remain to be held could be part of the push….. urgh, thats a horrible thought though Deaglan, scary stuff.

    • kynos says:

      It took these eegits to break it. Let these eegits remake it. And be destroyed in the process. There are more than one meanings to destroyed. Same as to be slain. According to some God-botherers. Metanoia and all that. Look at it this way, if they get out early, FF will remain a clear and present danger to the future history of this State. Moral hazard and all that. They’ll just sail back in on the Showtime Bus dispensing favours and privileges and skewing the marketplace and hawking justice like cabbages in it come 2017. Once some other crowd have destroyed themselves (and maybe what’s left of the country) trying to fix FF’s Disaster. They broke it. They own it. And if they don’t fix it, then that’ll be their funeral come 2012.

    • robespierre says:

      Not so sure about that Deaglán. We have to wait and see the report on the crisis produced by the Central Bank.

      If it clearly points to authorities, even by reference to the institution rather than the individual, accountability will have to be forthcoming.

      Specifically, will it highlight wreckless tax breaks in hotel development and general property development, the role of the Finance department in taking counter-cyclical actions (there were none), the role of policy (Fin Regulator) and Finance ministry…

      Brian Cowen will be blamed for a lot of this along with Hurley (former Central Bank Governor) and of course the esteemed former regulator Neary. As the heads of the organisations, who else could possibly be ultimately blamed for the internal crisis in Ireland. The structural weaknesses in our economy had nothing to do with collapsing banks in North America. They were a result of matters not dealt with here.

      The administration may go the full term but if they do I think they’ll be slaughtered.

    • Ian G says:

      Yes, Yes, and very much Yes

    • Deaglán, there is a recurrent theme to some threads on p.ie that somehow the opposition are somehow to blame for not forcing an election. It’s simply not in their power to do so, it’s like complaining that someone locked in the boot of the car hasn’t seized the wheel and steered it towards a police station. I’m surprised that you appear to have fallen victim to this notion.

    • kynos says:

      OK start again. They broke it. They own it. They fix it. Or they’re f….well I am trying to be more polite these days. But you know what I mean.

    • barbera says:

      Guess that means we’ll just have to put up with Des of the DizzyFitz’ ranting for approx. another sixty three million and seventy-two thousand seconds — that is, if there are 31,536,000 seconds in one year.

    • Deaglán says:

      Dan: I suppose they can’t force an election unless they lure the Greens across the floor of the Dail Chamber, but I suspect some of them will be secretly happy to wait until the economy revives so they don’t have to produce the knife and the whip when, or rather if, they get into office.

    • Deaglán, I suggested over a year ago that someone from FG and Labour should approach the Greens as the government no longer had the necessary support of the public to act. I doubt if anyone did so but also it is unlikely given their pronouncements since then that the Greens would have been interested either.


      If the unions reject as seems likely the pay/reform or (whatever it is about) deal then it is possible that the government (or FF) might be tempted to go to the country on the basis of being strong. Their aim would be to finish within whatever number of seats Labour can get of a return to power. Do that now and then with 4/5 more years to turn things around they might well think they could save the party.

    • Desmond FitzGerald says:

      I would imagine the political system that caused all the cronyism and corruption that has gone on to infect every pillar of society is cracked but not yet broken – a system that has lasted since 1922 (if not longer) won’t disappear in a 2/3 year recession. So I would imagine the country has to sink a lot lower for the penny to drop with your average Irish thicko.

      I mean how many people on benefits have actually bothered to register to vote – not that any of them will be reading The Irish Times for that matter.

      I was interested to see a news item here about the UK election and how people don’t know who Nick Clegg is and yet no one was ever asked why they don’t make it their business to know who he is – as if the onus was completely on him to advertise himself and the public have no responsibility to play their role?

      Fianna Fáil doesn’t care a jot about the state of the country and as there are no riots in the street despite the fact Fianna Fáil has sold the future of the next 2 generations down the toilet to bail out its backers and the golden circle, Fianna Fáil can now carry on in office and do whatever it likes safe in the knowledge that it has the numbers to avoid any election no matter what tribunal reports there are, or no matter what other unknown unknowns are revealed.

      Those who know their history of the Irish character will know that the mindset of cronyism and sleveenism runs to the core of a very large section of Irish people.

      So if Fine Gael really want to implement the sort of massive reform the country needs, then it makes sense to allow FF stay in office long enough that the penny drops for those still too thick to make the link between repeated votes for various Fianna Fáil wasters and the reason they have no job, no hope of a job, their children have emigrated, they have negative equity etc etc.

      Then at the same time Fine Gael can step up its campaign to get people to vote for FG rather than choose FG as a way of voting against FF. It can tackle the Stockholm syndrome of 25 years in opposition that inhibits FG leading the debate to get Irish people take responsibility for how they vote and to make people understand the reforms they need to support.

      Of course to do that FG will need to get its own house in order in terms of how its reps claim expenses and how FG is funded and FG people claiming pensions etc.

      So it seems those who caused this mess – the political class- still don’t grasp the scale of the reform they need to go through, before they can credibly expect anyone else to accept the sort of reforms they insist is part of the solution for future growth and equality.

      While at the same time, those who moan about things should get involved, be registered to vote and when the time comes, use their vote intelligently and get off their backside and actually go and vote.

    • James Sullivan says:

      Unfortunately whoever is in Government the mess we are in is exactly the same.
      I was never an FG or LAB supporter but I would hate to see anyone but FF try to clean up the mess of the Bertie Bubble. Why force them out now and give them a shot at being back in power by the middle of the decade. FF need 3 terms in opposition to learn that this country isn’t the property of FF and their cronies.

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