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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: February 11, 2010 @ 11:08 am

    Enda Lives to Fight Another Day

    Deaglán de Bréadún

    Very ‘Oirish’ scene at Leinster House last night. The Fine Gael people were doing a “doorstep” with reporters outside the front gates. Two lads arrive on the scene, clearly coming from the pub (it’s about 12.30 a.m.) The  looks of puzzlement and bemusement on their faces are priceless.Anyway, after a five-hour parliamentary party meeting, Enda lives to fight another day. He actually performed quite well on the media in the wake of the George Lee resignation. He will  now apparently do proper homework before interviews so that he knows what the party  line is on water charges and why exactly they wouldn’t go into government with Sinn Féin (not sure I believe that any more.)

    George is gone, in a blaze of mutual recrimination. Maybe the parties will be a little more circumspect towards media candidates in future. The next polls are going to be interesting. Prediction: As things stand, Cowen should go up, Enda will almost certainly go down, FG will go down, FF will go up. But  by how much in each case? FG are lucky there are no polls expected for some time. Will Enda make another headline-grabbing announcement like his out-of-nowhere call for the abolition of the Seanad?

    An FF veteran of many battles said to me  yesterday that the “pendulum always swings back to us before a general election”.

    Hmmm. We’ll see.

    • robespierre says:

      No so Deaglán, next Red C poll is in either 3 weeks or 2 weeks time.

    • Paul says:

      If the pendulum swinging back to FF is George’s political legacy I want my money back.

    • robespierre says:

      The other thing that is almost certain after this week is that Kenny is only leader at the grace of Richard Bruton.

      He gave a hostage to fortune when he proposed abolishing the Seanad. If Richard wants the leadership he can have it any time he wants from here on in.

    • Blimey O'Riley says:

      ‘doing a doorstep’ sounds quite tame, a bit like doing a two-step, rather than the more aggressive aspects of press intrusion characterised by the more unsavoury elements of Grub Street, hanging out on someone’s doorstep to mount an ambush as their quarry leaves its lair.

    • Blimey O'Riley says:

      re me @4 as well as two step, doing a doorstep suggests a sandwich made with thick slices of bread! Kinda makes senses!

    • Blimey O'Riley says:

      me @5 did I say senses? tooo many glasses of bubbly whooops !

    • Fergus says:

      Blimey, mate — dont you know the difference between a doorstep and a doorstop …?

    • Blimey O'Riley says:

      Fergus: the sarnie’s called a ‘doorstep’…MATE! What I was goin’ to say before I was so rudely distracted was HOW can anyone called ENDA be taken seriously? I always read it as EDNA…and I’m not talking the ‘Inebriate Woman’ here that was Sunday and now it’s Lent and I’ll be on the wagon for 6 weeks…Aaargh

    • Blimey O'Riley says:

      Doorstep/Doorstop, I think either is correct Fergie me oul’ flower :-)

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