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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: January 22, 2010 @ 12:10 am

    Irish Times poll

    Harry McGee

    Full details of the latest TNS mrbi opinion poll for The Irish Times will be published in the morning.

    The headline figures were released tonight.

    Everybody expected a Fianna Fail bounce.  Since September they have steered through NAMA and a more ascetic budget that Mac the Knife’s effort in 1987. There is also the sympathy factor following the disclosure of Brian Lenihan’s grave medical condition. On the downside, the Government was a bit cack-handed in handling the severe weather conditions.

    But still, you expected a bit of a lift from the nadir figures from2009.

    2010 isn’t look too hot for them in terms of electoral recovery. The bounce, such as it was, was of a concrete block being thrown into a river.

    Here are the full figures.

    Fianna Fail: 22 (up 2)

    Fine Gael: 32 (up 1)

    Labour: 24 (down 1)

    Greens: 3 (down 1)

    Sinn Fein: 8 (down 1)

    Others: 11 (unchanged)

    Cowen’s saisfaction rating is up a little at 26 points. Yet only 19 per cent approve of the Government’s performance while a staggering (yep, an overused superlative) 76 per cent disapprove.

    Fianna Fail were down in the low thirties at this stage of teh 2002 to 2007 cycle. They recovered. Even if they recover this time it’s not looking good.

    • Desmond FitzGerald says:

      Firstly Harry – why is Fianna Fáil the first party on your list when it is in third place. It’s exactly that sort of laziness – conscious or not – that re-enforces the atttiude that there is no alternative to corrupt Fianna Fáil governments.

      Secondly, who exactly are these people who still say they will vote for FF.

      Excuse me, but while FG/L need to flesh our what they’ll do in government in far more detail there is simply no excuse at all for a single person to vote FF unless they are mentally incapable of exercising proper judgement.

      If people really can’t committ to Fine Gael or Labour or Sinn Fein or Green or Independent then they can pick ‘other’ until they manage to see a shrink long enough to deal with their denial about the role their continal vote for the same old tried and tested wasters in FF and the mess the country is in again.

      No offence, but is it really too much to hope there are media correspondents in the various media types who are not so used to the cosy parasitical interdependent relationship with politicians in a corrupt country like Ireland that they are still capable of holding the government to account and playingi ts role in making people face up to the consequences to how they vote.

      To think we have the brass neck to sneer at Iceland a few months ago and it turns out a proper media and honest politicians there have made sure that ultimately Iceland will come out of this economic mess far better than Ireland will.

    • kynos says:

      Yeah what doesn’t kill them makes them stronger that’s been worrying me but I got to reckon whatever happens they’ve got some serious dushta to work through so well whatever nobody’s damned really are they? Nice to see them squirm and squall though let nobody tell you schadenfreude’s not a blast sometimes.

    • Harry says:

      That’s the order they came out. One opinion poll does not a change of Government make.

    • Colm Doyle says:

      @Desmond – I couldn’t swear to it, but the order the parties are mentioned in seems to match their current size in the Dáil.

    • Desmond FitzGerald says:

      @ 3: Well, if that’s the case why aren’t the parties in order of FF then G as they make up the government?

      The point being, it is remarkable that the opinion leader of the IT manages to make a tiny statistically irrelevant change in support for FF into a sign that the party is on the up!

      Then there’s the measly FG?L ‘may’ form a government if there were an election – there’s no ‘may’ about it – they would. Fact. Period. Based on these figures.

      Also, to give the credit for this ‘increase’ in FF support to Brian Lenihan and completely separate his actions from his role as a FF TD and Minister when this mess was being created is bonkers.

      I don’t suppose the media will be able to use the same attitude when handing out the blame if Lowry comes out the wrong side of the Tribunal findings – I bet if he does then every mention of his name will include ‘Fine Gael’ in the same sentence.

      Not only does FG have to face the astounding disregard of the Irish mindset when it comes to honesty and high standards – it also has to deal with a biased media – certainly in the IT’s case.

    • Ray D says:

      Fine Gael honesrt and high standards – what planet?

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