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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: December 19, 2009 @ 1:10 am


    Harry McGee

    Have just read the text of the deal. Three pages and then four blank pages for targets, not to be agreed until next February.

    It’s a terrible fudge. Almost meaningless. Doesn’t even begin to address the issues.

    This is the worst possie outcome. A bad deal. Almost worse than no deal.

    • DesJay says:

      “Doesn’t even begin to address the issues…”

      Did any grown-up really think the assembled leaders of the world would address the real issues?

      In the season of Santa Claus, maybe the kiddies thought the great leaders would all share the same reasoning that climate warriors do.

      The writing has long been on the wall. The best option is, yes, to keep trying, but more importantly, to prepare, knowing that there is no solution other than some fluke of nature, a cure worse than the disease, like the Icelandic eruptions of 1783.

      And if FF and its many supporters refuse to address major issues other than getting re-elected, maybe some leaders will emerge outside the political arena.

      Otherwise, it will all be Irish blather and nonsense while foreign corporations dominate your weather.

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