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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: December 11, 2009 @ 10:02 pm

    The Gogarty EFF-ect.

    Harry McGee

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    It’s not pretty. The venom in which he uses it is disturbing. He hurled the expletives at Emmet Stagg.

    The Labour Party whip hadn’t exactly been baiting him. All he accused Gogarty of was blathering and bleating, which is commonplace. And, to be blunt about it, that was exactly what he was doing. Gogarty was wrestling with his conscience in public; saying he though the social welfare cuts were unfair but that he was still voting with the Government.

    It’s clear that he is easily baited. He’s the Dail’s version of Paul Galvin and the opposition knows how to rise him. But no matter how he explains the frustration behind it, it’s still terrible. And I think he’s going to face the red card from the Committee on Procudures and Discipline.

    Later when he apologised, he said that the F word was not one of the words that is verboten. He’s quite correct. I got my hands on a copy of the relevant rulings, the insults seem to be harking to a bygone era. It is mostly archaic and kindergarten expressions. No bad words as we would define them now, not even the offspring of an unmarried parent or that quaint Dublin expression that rhymes with pollocks.

    Here is the definiite list. My three favourite are communist; corner boy; and yahoo.

    Brat; buffoon; chancer; communist; corner boy; coward; fascist; gurrier; guttersnip;
    hypocrite; rat; scumbag; scurrilous; and yahoo.

    It’s also considered disorderly to accuse a female Deputy of “handbagging” an opponent. That harks back to an exchange between Austin Currie and Maire Geoghegan Quinn in 1992.  She objected to handbagging as a description of a negotiating style. Strangely enough she raised no objection when Alan Dukes came up with an alternative term: groin-kicking.

    • Elaine says:

      A ‘source’ remarked to me: ‘At least he didn’t start busking in the chamber – that’d definitely have gotten him expelled.’ Apparently, Gogo’s influences in his busking days included Dead or Alive and Boy George. Allegedly.

    • barbera O'Shcokenzy says:

      I don’t think I have ever heard the “f” word used so venomously before. Very disturbing. In fact it affected me quite badly . Strange how words can do that. Poor guy, though. Think he needs to talk to somebody.

    • Mark says:

      “Later when he apologised…”

      He apologises before he does it, making it even more bizarre. The sentence before is an apology for the sentence that follows…

      Hilarious altogether anyway. Next he’ll be spinning around in circles on the ground in the middle of a big room.

    • No-moss-gathered says:

      Paul Gogarty is right. I warmly appalud him for his response to a Labour Party TD that reminds us all of the type of gob****s that stopped Fine Gael getting to proper grips with the economic crises in the the Fitzgerald led government of 1982 – 1987 – remember Irish Steel? Look back on the Dáil records of the millions of IR£’s that were poured into that at the behest of Labour Party ‘parliamentarians’ who put gombeen votes above the care of a Health Service way more stretched than it is now. Some Labour Party Oireachtas Members are playing a dangerous political game (of equal proprtions to the ‘deal’ on 12 days unpaid leave for public servants that Cowan nearly did before the Budget), While Richard Bruton is sincere there are many who are ‘holding fire’ on Enda Kenny as well. Gogarty is sincere – he is fully confronting the state of the country in a responsible manner. Do not be hoodwinked by those who have in past created enormous problems not only for the country but for their own party – Deputy Stagg was an appropriate political ‘target’ – we need to have more depth taken to these issues so that those with some responsibility to lead known that there are some of us who can point out the brick walls in the front of them (even before they turn the corners in front of them). Gogarty is way more in tune with where we need to go as a people to save us from politicians like Emmet Stagg.

    • James D. says:

      Hilarious list of words….interesting to see that “Blackguard” is not there!!!

    • Red Biddy says:

      How the compliments fly when the quality meet as the immortal Brendan Behan might have said… If not a de facto breach of the Code then surely a breach of the spirit… unparliamentary and ungentlemanly…A most entertaining blog nonetheless

    • barbera O'Shcokenzy says:

      I am inclined to agree that the Gogarty EFF-ect may be the only possible response to a Labour Party TD. Who’d be a Ceann Comhairle! Seriously, though, any “buffoon” who uses language like that deserves to be “handbagged”

    • maire.t says:

      I too remember Labour in government: they were a disgrace, and they are a disgrace today.
      They give people the impression they would not touch their welfare – you bet they would and public servants, they would cut you too,
      I am glad the government has at last taken the hard decisions, and i am sure many politicians like Paul Gogarty felt bad but had no choice. He should take no advice from Mr Stagg

    • Dan Sullivan says:

      Harry, Someone needs to get the Ceann Comhairle to take a look for some of those words in the excellent Kildare St. site where you will find that those words listed above have been used in the course of debate in the Oireachtas. David Norris appears to be fierce fond of guttersnipe and brat for some reason.

      So we’re not cracking down on the banned words and those words people would assume are not part of parliamentary discourse are just ignored too?


      I had thought that Gogarty because of the upcoming departure of Mary Harney was one of the safer Greens but after this I would be inclined to think that DMW could see two FG gains or 1FG and 1SF. After all, he has apologised for saying FU to Emmett Stagg but as yet I’ve heard of no apology to the many people in his constituency that he has said FU to by voting with the government to reduce their incomes.

    • Comment by No-moss-gathered
      hear hear

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