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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: November 30, 2009 @ 2:10 pm

    McDaid Issues Not-so-Veiled Threat

    Deaglán de Bréadún

    As Bill Shankly said about soccer, politics in Donegal is not a life-and-death matter – it’s much more serious than that. Judging from reports, Niall Blaney’s supporters beat rival TD Dr Jim McDaid’s backers to the punch in some internal party elections. The effects could be shattering for the rest of Fianna Fáil.

    McDaid’s letter to Chief Whip Pat Carey is reproduced below. He is making it clear that his vote is even less to be counted on than before. The six-letter word “Budget” does not appear but that is what will be on everyone’s mind. If the Budget goes down, then we have an immediate general election, which Dr McDaid seems to think would be good for FF.

    In the sense that total wipe-out gives you a theoretical opportunity to make a fresh start, then I suppose he is right. In theory.


    30th November 2009

    Government Chief Whips Office,
    Government Buildings,
    Dublin 2,

    Dear Pat,

    I am aware that you have much more important things on your agenda at this
    crucial time rather than the internal machinations of the Fianna Fail party in
    Donegal North East. However, as a result of a farcical inaugural meeting of the
    Letterkenny/Milford C.C. last night, I feel compelled to inform you that I have
    withdrawn my support from Fianna Fail.

    My views on a General Election are well known. I believe it would be in the
    interest of Fianna Fail and by extension in the interest of the country.
    Accordingly, in a voting situation on the negative side one can abstain, be
    absent or against. I have exercised two of those options in the past and now
    feel free to exercise the third, if and when I deem it necessary.

    It was made clear to me last night that I am superfluous to the requirements of
    Fianna Fail but I will not stand over the party being decimated either locally
    or nationally.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Dr James McDaid

    • Dan Sullivan says:

      Interesting that he didn’t say “My views on a General Election are well known. I believe it would be in the
      interest of the country and by extension in the interest of Fianna Fail”, they really do think the party is the country up there.

      I reckon McDaid knows there is room for 1 Anti government, FFer up there and he aims for it to be him rather than the Blaney’s. I would presume that the Blaney’s are the most vulnerable of the 3 FFers to an increased SF vote.

    • paul m says:

      Well, Donegal North did say no quite emphatically to the second Nice referendum so I imagine it doesn’t come as too much of a shock to people that therein lies the the thorn for FF. Now if only opposition parties could galvanise that support but i suspect a no for FF would be expressed in far more offensive terms should a rival party come a-begging

    • paul m says:

      sorry that should read second Lisbon referendum not Nice!

    • click here says:

      Ooh, go on. Do it, John. We all *dare* you..

    • kynos says:

      “…but I will not stand over the party being decimated either locally
      or nationally.” – which is precisely why we need to keep them in til 2012.

    • Liam says:

      If FG or an FG/Labour coalition is going to hang on to Nama then I think Kynos is right. Keep FF in there and let them reap the whirlwind. We might finally see the demise of the cult that is FF. The only party that under Dev and Bertie have managed to bring the country to its knees 2 centuries in a row. Some achievement!

    • DesJay says:

      Dead right, Dan Sullivan. FFers have had power so long they think they are Ireland. the real Ireland. Like Sarah Palin represents the real America. But whisper it not in Gath, or in Glenties or Gweedore, who keeps putting FFers back in power?

    • Well, the Bill Shankly comment is reasonably accurate! I live in (and love) L’kenny. With no great shock, once again our local Deputy has resigned, thrown a wobbler or withdrawn support for the government and party which he has successfully represented and been reelected over the last twenty years!!
      Locally he is viewed in many ways, an enigma, a maverick(more so in recent years) or for those that politely disagree with him, a unique individual!

      LK rocks but I don’t think Shankly could have lived here

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