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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: November 12, 2009 @ 5:21 pm

    If it worked for Bertie…

    Harry McGee

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    Fianna Fail have recently started doing these video diaries, showcasing the musings of Brian Cowen on the economy, Europe…. and Ireland’s chances against France in Croke Park on Saturday night.

    What’s a little weird about this is that everything – the language, his disposition, the imagery, the wood-panels, the flags -  screams that he is tackling a heavy-duty subject, an urgent business of State.

    But he’s talking about Trap and the boys and their chances.

    You’d kind of think that he’d relax a little, loosen the tie, sit in an armchair, and affect a slightly less formal air.

    You have to hand it to The Bert. He did that well.

    Still there’s a couple of good lines. And isn’t sport a metaphor for everything even flakedpout Governments that are crawling desperately in the hope of reaching a destination called The End of the Year.

    Here are a couple of choice samples that, we think, refer to the Irish football team.

    They are used to “providing stiff opposition to anybody who comes to Dublin”.

    “Sport can play a good part in lifting the moral of a country.”

    “It’s great to see the fact that we are in there competing”.

    “I think that we can be hopeful”.

    I hope the last one refers to the country,  because in my opinion the football team doesn’t stand a chance!


    Here is the new video posted by FF on its site. It looks exactly the same (shot at the same time) but Cowen is talking about the pre-Budget outlook.

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    • Mark says:

      Where’s the video on the important subject of the day? This comes out on the day NAMA goes through the Dáil – no video reassuring the public of his confidence in the Bill, nothing his positive outlook for on the future of the economy?

      It’s something of an insult to the intelligence of the taxpayer that this video is about a kick-about in Croker and not the most important legislation to pass through the House in multiple decades.

    • Harry says:

      FF have now just posted a video of his reaction to the Pre Budget Outlook. I’ll post it now, in the same blog, in the interests of being complete!

    • tormentor says:

      “Going forward…we’ll need to keep our composure in front of the French goal”

    • Dan Sullivan says:

      The “qualification process”? Christ, he really can’t leave the lawyer technocrat speak behind at all.

      So Bertie was “a man of the people” and Cowen is “a man not so much of the people but of peoples generally, within the broad strokes of the parameters that we use to define who peoples are without meaning to exclude anyone given the climate we find ourselves in and taking account of the message I, in my role as Taoiseach, and my government are trying to put forward for the benefit of everyone to the best of our ability.”

    • Eoin says:

      Nice one Dan.

      Notice also how comments on youtube have been disabled. As if the video cannot be reposted and ripped to shreds elsewhere.

    • Harry says:

      Good stuff Dan. Great humour. Paul Cullen did a piece on it for this morning’s paper. See it here. It’s a great piece but old-fashioned newspapers haven’t figured out how to include links in the press.

    • Dan Sullivan says:

      Harry, to give Brian Cowen his due at least when he is sounding like a legalistic minded technocrat he carries it off, but when Mary Coughlan does it, she sounds like someone at a Christmas do night trying to do a bad impersonation of a legalistic minded technocrat.

      Ever notice that in the Dáil Mary Coughlan never has to decide anything but rather she must adjudicate on it? Is she secretly wanting to be the minister for the X-factor?

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