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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: October 3, 2009 @ 10:27 am

    The Yes side has prevailed

    Harry McGee

    The first tallies have come in and even though it’s only 10.20am, it’s clear that the Yes side will win. The margin looks like it will be at least 20 per cent, mirroring the second Nice Treaty. Above 60 per cent for YES, less than 40 per cent for NO.

    There may be one or two constituencies, Donegal North West, where No will slightly prevail. But for the rest, it’s clearcut.

    There was a strong sense among all politicians I spoke to over the last few days that there was a palpable swing to the NO camp.

    But it’s clear now that that wasn’t so, that the reassurances of the YES side and the arguments about the economic consequences of a NO vote prevailed.

    Great line from Joe Higgins there, as he more or less condeded. In football parlance, he said, it’s now one-one and we need to have a replay.

    • Dan Sullivan says:

      Someone should tell Joe we’re playing compromise rules and it’s a two game series with aggregate scoring system.

    • Kynos says:

      “But it’s clear now that that wasn’t so, that the reassurances of the YES side and the arguments about the economic consequences of a NO vote prevailed.” – so in other words people didn’t vote on the actual Lisbon Treaty. Nobody can understand it. Because they’re not supposed to. They voted on a bunch of fairy tales. Ain’t it always been the way with this suffering country? Fairy tales and legends are what move us. No wonder the Ard Ri were more afraid of Amergin than Conall Cearnach.

    • dealga says:

      Nah, ‘Yes’ wins on aggregate…

    • dealga says:

      Kynos, who started the fairy tales? The unholy alliance of fundamentalist Catholic fascists, Trots and mé féin nationalists did. They should have been, and still should be, sued in a court of law for misleading the electorate with the lies they told.

    • Éamonn says:

      And they call this a democracy . . . . . . ? Where all the little people are told “YOU GOT IT WRONG – DO IT AGAIN!” And they do it again, and the second time they did as they were told. Pathetic.

    • Ray D says:

      The shocking revearsal of a nation’s convictions in just a little over a year shows how weak our democracy and our sense of democracy is. It also is an indictment of the weakness, perversity and contradictory nature of our constitution, and the latter’s provisons as regards referenda in particular.

      We truly are a craven nation devoid of standards, principles and honour, entirely beholden to the mythical quick buck and gravy train, and willing to do our masters’ bidding. We have indeed completely earned the bunch of politicians that have ruled us now for two generations.

    • Steve says:

      Congrats Ireland.. you sold your soul not to the devil but worse, to politicians…

    • dealga says:

      Yeah sure Ray. In other words an electorate’s decision is only worthy of respect once? Or only when they come to a decision you agree with?

      Last year some 862,000 obviously universally well informed people voted No in a collective act of rational decision making, based on the facts of the treaty (er?…)

      This year, effectively, 267,000 people have changed their mind.

      This, obviously, can only be because these people are no longer informed citizens of conviction, they are “craven, devoid of standards, principles and honour, entirely beholden to the mythical quick buck and gravy train, and willing to do our masters’ bidding”, to use your words, or they must be just Turk-loving, granny-euthanising traitors, wilfully subservient to Brussels and about to be paid 1.84 an hour in the abortion clinics that are about to spring up at every gap in the ditch, when they’re finished fighting in France’s wars, if the No side were telling the truth.

      Like I said Ray – yeah right.

      Politicians can’t say this but Jonny nobodies like me can: The vast majority of the Irish electorate have nothing beyond the vaguest of notions about what they were really voting for – either last year or this year. Last year enough people were persuaded by the lies and the nonsense of the right wing-Catholic fundamentalists, the wannabe Trots and the Shinner chancers becaue the mainstream took the result for granted and stayed off the playing field.

      The No side have already made a show of themselves disrespecting the overwhelming decision that has been made, after spending so many months insisting that the electorate deserved respect for its first decision.

      This year enough of those people decided not to take a chance on screwing up our relationship with an EU, which the majority clearly believe has been great for the development of this country. So they changed their mind – as all free people are entitled to do.

      There is no rule of life that says you only get one decision and you can’t change it. After all an election is coming and quite a few people will change their mind about a decision they made only two years ago.

    • Aengus says:

      Am I the only one who remembers the “If you don’t know, vote NO!” posters the last time round?

      Apparently the No camp were lying about that too, and just wanted your votes to help to defeat the treaty because there weren’t enough idiots who believed their lies about conscription, euthanasia and the rest of the bilge they spouted the first time round.

      The consistent tone of the Letters to the Editor from correspondents with English addresses helps explain why you can’t donate blood if you’ve lived in the UK for any length of time – Mad Cow Disease is clearly rampant over there!

    • Ray D says:

      A moment’s reflection shows how wrong you are Dealga. Had we voted yes the last time there would have been no second vote. The only vote that the sovereign people (Joke) were allowed was yes. When we voted No our European and local political masters forced us to change our vote. Had we voted no the second time around, there would have been a third vote and so on until we got the answer right. I have obviosly struck home with you.

    • dealga says:

      I’ve had a moment’s reflection Ray – you haven’t demonstrated how I’m wrong in any shape or form.

      I’m disappointed it took a second vote, but then I’m supposed to be living in a representative democracy. We elect a government whose role is supposed to be, among other things, negotiating and ratifying treaties on our behalf.

      I don’t believe in government by plebiscite so, as far as I’m concerned, referendums should not be run on treaties of this nature. I understand the Supreme Court’s ruling with regard to the constitution, in case you feel the need to point that snippet out.

      Anyone on €1.84 an hour yet?

    • Ray D says:

      Plastic People anyone?

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