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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: September 25, 2009 @ 2:25 pm

    Gordon Brown informs Brian Cowen about Rody Molloy’s severance package

    Harry McGee

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    • Ray D says:

      The real media story is Molloy’s package. It is just a story and a worthless one at that. But never let the facts spoil the media’s darling stories. the facts are that in all parts of the public sector it is common practice and commonplace to bump up (by a max of 6.66 years) the service (and thus related pension and lump sums) of those who leave in similar circumstances to Molloy, those invalided out, etc. These enhancements will continue as due.

    • ROBERT BROWNE says:

      Ray D
      “These “enhancements” will continue as due!”
      Nothing will bring me more pleasure in my life than to see all these “pensions’ so hard won being refused to be paid out because they have become as useless as the promissory pieces of paper they were written upon.
      That day of pension refusal is at most two to three years away, Why? Well, it is simple. “We are Bust” as Mr Colm McCarthy has tried to explain, but the suits are not for turning nor for listening! They believe in the Civil service and Public Service empire, FF, FG, Labour world without end amen! Remember the British Empire?

    • BetterWorld Now says:

      You are looking at the last Fianna Fail taoiseach. And he may not make it to Christmas!

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