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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: September 2, 2009 @ 9:11 pm

    The Irish Times poll

    Harry McGee

    The findings are abysmal for the Government. If you stick to the core vote (which I believe is the important index) Fianna Fáil falls below Labour for the first time ever. 

    Brian Cowens satisfaction rating is 15 per cent. Incredible. John Gormley’s showing of 19 per cent is little better. And 75 per cent of people want a change of government. 

    This is more than a snapshot in time. It’s career ending for many of the Cabinet. Cowen wil never lead Fianna Fáil into a General Election. His only hope is to survive another 18 months and hope the economy turns a corner. Then posterity may remember him more kindly than the public. 

    It wasn’t all his fault but Bertie and Charlie McCreevy are no longer around to blame. 

    FF will get slaughtered next time out. Fine Gael’s wipeout in 2002 may actually look good!

    • I think that a career ending election is needed. We are on the verge of a catastrophe in this country. The following are the career politians that need to go most:
      Brian Cowen
      Willie O’Dea
      Batt O’Keeffe
      Mary Harney
      Noel Dempsey

      We need something fresh and while Fine Gael aren’t exactly the hottest ticket in town they would certainly be better. Our health system and our education system are in tatters. These are the things that we should be focusing on over the next decade but we are still interested in bailing out the players who lost the game.

    • jer says:

      Hail Mary full of grace make it so

    • Simon in New York says:

      This is an astonishing poll. I do think that we are seeing some shy-ffer impact though. The local election polls turned out to be somewhat better than the preceding opinion polls. I think there is a subset out there who are scared to say they will vote but they still will. We are in hardcore FF core vote now. Its probably one of the reasons why FG vote is not moving off the mid 30′s rate. Anyone who hasn’t departed FF before this are not going to make the jump over to FG

    • Betterworld Now says:

      On the basis of these results, Eamon Gilmore will be the next taoseach.

      The only way he can be stopped is if FF vote to support a Enda Kenny for taoseach (unthinkable).

    • robespierre says:

      Nothing is truly remarkable when in unchartered territory. An interesting subtext however is that normally the Gov goes up after the silly season because the Dáil has been out.

      If anything the further drop shows how unpopular NAMA is as well as general air of things sliding which still has not abated. Many people I know cannot understand why we have been borrowing vast sums for the last 6 weeks waiting to have the NAMA debate.

      A full 12 months after Lehman and the AIB/BOI midnight meeting nothing concrete has been done. That is why they are being punished. As they say in rugby “use it or lose it”.

    • Jamie Sullivan says:

      Is it too late for FG to change leader.
      One has to assume that a new leader would see them into the 40%+ region.
      Enda could spin it as putting the country before the party (country needs a leader with a financial head at these difficult times)
      The big risk would be that FF would call an election while FG was in the middle of that process?

    • Dan Sullivan says:

      I would have to contrast this with the coverage given when FG were on 17% very briefly back in 2003, we had newspaper articles questioning whether FG had a reason to continue to exist. We might now ask the same question of FF, other than a route to power for those more motivated by the exercise of power than any political ideology, what is the purpose of FF?

    • Harry Leech says:

      Extraordinary results, but these are extraordinary times. FF have been exposed as the morally bankrupt, intellectual lightweights that they are. It’s only distressing that it’s taken Ireland this long to catch on.

      Can they ever recover from where they are now? You could argue that things couldn’t possibly get worse, but if there is an election in the next 6 months (I believe there will be) and FF are out of power for 2 x consecutive elections, I can’t see them ever fully recovering.

      They have thrived since the days of Dev on being the party of power, the ones you went to when you needed a stroke pulled or planning permission for a dodgy housing estate in the middle of the country side (“in the national interest”.)

      Without power and having given up the mantle of ‘The Republican Party’ long ago, FF stand for nothing. Their ideology is power and power alone and without it I believe they will implode.

      The question is, how long will the public hold it against them? If after one terrible election they manage to do moderately well I think they could struggle on as a minor political party. Two bad elections and they’re gone, and good riddance.

    • El Leader Maximo says:

      Trebles all round in the dail bar. It’s all good Biffo.

    • emer says:

      One reason why Labour did less well in the last elections than preceding polls suggested was that many people who had expressed a preference for Labour did not actually have a candidate from that party to vote for. Labour needs to run candidates more widely across the country to be able to realise these mid-twenties numbers.

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