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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: August 11, 2009 @ 7:28 pm

    Beckett O’Donoghue

    Harry McGee

    Both halves of the politics blog are on holiday this week. We are still capable of some form of communication though! Unlike John O’Donoghue. Ceann Comhairle or nit – he just can’t sit this one out.

    In passing it must be noted that journalists should also fess up about the trips and freebies they get. I was at U2 in Croker, having paid the full whack for my ticket, and spotted hordes of my brethren from the press sitting in the free seats. Full disclosure from the fourth estate is required – we can’t pretend that bought journalism doesn’t exist.

    We aren’t elected true. But interests need to be declared to Joe Public.

    • Fin Keegan says:

      I’m glad you’re asking, Harry, but this is a much more serious issue than your tone seems to be suggesting.

      In the US, where I worked as a radio producer, it was considered a serious ethical violation for us to take any freebies. I am pretty sure it was a firing offense in fact.

      In my innocence, I thought serious journalists here also observed that code. Perhaps they do–but your post strongly suggests otherwise.

    • Fred Johnston says:

      Couldn’t agree more. In some newspapers here the standards of journalism, never mind the quality, are nothing to what they were in my time. I read columnists boasting that they were drunk.

    • Paul0690 says:

      Indeed, one only has to go back to the election 2007, Cowen/Ahern met O’Reilly/Fanning: the Sunday Independent sold its soul down the Swanee thereafter.

    • Dan Sullivan says:

      Paul0690, are you sure it wasn’t the other way around?

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