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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: April 22, 2009 @ 10:19 am

    The Moment of Truth…

    Harry McGee

    … well for 19 FF junior ministers, that is.

    The Cabinet meeting is on as I write.

    If Cowen is conservative he will drop five.

    He can’t drop both female juniors.

    My guess: Sean Power; Mary Wallace; Sean Haughey; Micheál Kitt, Jimmy Devins.

    It would make sense to promote Aine Brady (a sister of Micheál Kitt). That would leave a junior in Kildare and soften the blow for the Kitt family.

    If she were to be promoted, Maire Hoctor would be vulnerable.

    If Cowen were bold, he would drop eight. The other two who might face the chop in that instance would be  Noel Ahern and either Martin Mansergh, Tony Killeen (but only on health grounds for the latter as  Killeen is a high calibre politician).

    In that scenario, two other TDS other than Aine Brady would be up for promotion. Timmy Dooley of Clare is an obvious choice (bright and not afraid to mix it). But so are Darragh O’Brien (Dublin North) who would compensate for the loss of Ahern and Haughey; and Dara Calleary in Mayo who would cover for the loss of Jimmy Devins and Micheál Kitt. And yes, Margaret Conlon is also a possibility.

    It’s a pure punt. Buille de thuairim as they say in the Gaeltacht. We’ll find out shortly…

    • Kynos says:

      Killeen is one of those who opposed a supposed inquiry into the use of Shannon airport as mass transit for weapons and personnel destined for the illegal attack and the obscene occupation of Iraq. Clearly “high calibre” indeed. He supports Ireland’s participation in the spider’s web of extraordinary rendition aka international kidnap and torture.

    • Kynos says:

      Sorry. My mistake. I see Timmy Dooley is up there as well. He’s another sycophantic supporter of Ireland’s betrayal down in the fetid bogs of Clare. Torpedoed Mary O’Rourke’s supposed “investigation” into rendition and Ireland’s role as a belligerent in Iraq (which I now believe was simply a red herring).

    • Eoin says:

      bright and not afraid to mix it

      Just wondering what does “not afraid to mix it” mean?

    • Mark Brennock says:

      Well he could drop both female juniors and promote a new one, Margaret Conlon perhaps.

    • Dan Sullivan says:

      Christ, are both Mary and Maire gone to be replaced by Bev and Aine?

    • Dan Sullivan says:

      Not afraid to mix it? He had his rear handed to him by the President of USI a few weeks ago on PrimeTime. Usually it takes a few years for USI presidents to get the chance to take down spokespeople for FF.

    • Peter B says:

      It’s irrelevant really – sad to say.

    • dealga says:

      I see we have more people who fell asleep in 2003 and only just woke up.

    • Kynos says:

      (Interesting. Did Timmy himself get on and ask you to slash my second post there or one of his supporters? Whatever.)

    • Kynos says:

      When I speak with aspersion of our political representatives it is due to anger at their political roles and responsibility in the matter of Ireland’s illegal (under UN and EU and national law) facilitation of the practice of kidnap and torture known as extraordinary rendition. I wish no harm to any of them as individuals nor do I mean to cause them personally any distress, regardless of anything else. I want to make that plain.

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