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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: January 20, 2009 @ 11:04 am

    Luka Cowen, Ryan Tubridy.

    Harry McGee

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    Barry Cowen popped up on Ryan Tubridy’s show this morning. The more you listened to him the more you thought of Luka Bloom, aka Christy Moore’s younger brother Barry Moore.

    On radio, he sounds like his brother. But not fully so. He argues like his brother. But not fully so. As yet we don’t know if he can sing like his brother. But if he can, I’m sure it will be not fully so.

    And am I making any deep philosophical point besides that startlingly clever observation.

    Am I saying that Brian equals Christy? I’m afraid I’m not. In fact, Christy would be a great  role model for him. He’s a national icon and a survivor.All rolled into one. And that’s what Brian Cowen needs to be.

    He needs to jump up (metaphorically) every day  onto the trailer of an artic in Clara and belt out Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore. Once more with feeling. Every time. And as a special treat for you today, we have an almost exclusive video recording that great moment. Note the little trills he starts to put in as he gains confidence in front of the crowd in Tullamore.

    By the way, Number 1:

    Speaking of Ryan Tubridy. I noticed a trailer for Lucy Kennedy’s new chat show last night.  I took a double-take. Was that Ryan Tubridy on the interview couch? Yes, it was. What is going on? I know RTE has been criticised for flogging its own talent mercilessly on its chats shows. But this is taking it to ridiculous lenghts. What’s next? Tubridy interviews Kenny who interview Seoighe who interviews Tubridy who interviews Lucy Kennedy who all feature on Podge and Rodge before they appear on all the proogrammes. Pop will eat itself.

    By the way, Number 2

    Tubridy’s brother, Garrett, is a prospective Fianna Fail candidate in Dublin (try to find the reference to the soldiers of destiny on the homepage of his campaign site) 

    Luka the second?

    By the way, Number 3:

    I was quite curious (to use Tubridy’s favourite phrase) to see how David McSavage would get on on the RTE 2 comedy slot last night. I saw McSavage on the street not too long ago and heard a real edge and imagination that has been absent from ‘alternative’ comedy in Ireland for a long time now (Des Bishop excepted).

    McSavage’s real name, as I’m sure most of you will know, is David Andrews. Yep, son of the former Minister for Foreign Affairs. And older brother of the Minister of State for Children Barry Andrews.He also happens to be the first cousin of Ryan Tubridy. And also of Chris Andrews TD. In fairness, McSavage has ploughed his own furrow (as I suppose has Ryan).

    The programme on why the Irish drink so much was patchy. It had a couple of very funny bits, some reasonably funny sketches and some that bellyflopped ickily. It had potential, though, and the scripting was clever and had potential.

    What was slightly weird was when he did his politician’s sketch, repeating the same hackneyed phrases over and over again. It was uncanny. His dad and his brother appeared before us, in word, in image and in deed. Imitation is the best form of flattery even if you are unmercilessly ribbing them!

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