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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: August 8, 2008 @ 1:12 pm

    Imma – the list in full

    Harry McGee

    I wrote a story last Saturday on the Irish Museum of Modern Art and a 2003 report which showed that work had been damaged as a result of inadequate storage facilities. The full list didn’t make it into the printed edition.

    For the record, here is the list, with the title of the painting first, then the name of the artist (where it’s known) and the damage that was caused by the storage difficulties at Imma in the Royal Holspital Kilmainham (if there are typos in the titles, they are my own!)

    • 1. Queen of Proofs and Queen of Torments – buckling caused by humidity and heat fluctuation
      2. Slat Greaser Trough III – a three-dimensional work incorporating grease by Terry Atkinson – laminate buckling – not fit to show, due to extreme fluctuations in environment
      3. Slat Greaser V – grease element leaching oil – that has been exacerbated by heat in the store
      4. Large Head – a large polychromed wood carving by Stephan Balkenhol – wood splitting due to lack of climate control stored in studio ‘temporarily’.
      5. Anna on a Sofa – oil on canvas by Basil Blackshawpaint surface badly cracked – fluctuations
      6. L’Oiseau de Feu – lithography by Georges Braque – print surface has adhered to the glass due to severe buckling caused by humidity and temperature fluctuations.
      7. Saddle – a sculpture incorporating a horse saddle and a cow’s udder by Dorothy Cross – Leather drying more qucikly that if sored in climate controlled store
      8. Fragmens Sur Les Institutiones Republicanines IV – 96 styrofoam panels inscribed with the messages smuggled out of the H-Blocks during the Hunger Strike in 1981, by Shane Cullen – damaged by flooding
      9. Cricketer – massive metal sculpture by English sculptor Barry Flanagan – was stored in outdoor shipping container and is displaying bloom on the metal
      10. (unknown work) – Oil leeching from work to support exacerabed by humidity and fluctuating environment
      11. The Tain and Travellers – tapestries by Louis le Brocquy – no hanging system for textiles and no possibility of this in current store
      12. Sphere Trame by Francois Morellet- chrome lifting and metal rusing – due to humidity levels.
      13. Untitled 12 Lightboxes – moisture damage due to humidity level
      14. Untitled – wax medium lifting off the support – heat damage
      15. Untilted – painted hardboard surface has buckled and come away from its support as a result of temperature change
      16. Figure with Owls – by Colin Midleton- buckled and broke the frame, as a result of temperature change
      17. Fair Head – by Colin Midleton – Surface attachment fallen away a result of over-dry conditions
      18. (Unknown) – recently conserved – conservator stressed the need fro ‘museum storage conditions’ to prevent recurrence of problem caused by humidity.
      19. Permutations – mould on prints caused by temperature change
      20 – Partypiece – a mechanical sculpture by John White – rust damage caused by floodingA further concern arises in relation to the following list of artworks that cannot be taken in to the existing stores

      • 1. Strange Fruit – a huge multi-media construction by American artist Lee Jaffe, – cannot be stored in any of the existing stores because of its size and weight.
    • 2. (Unknown work) currently stored in a shipping container.

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