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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: March 5, 2013 @ 11:14 am

    Geneva LiveBlog: LaFerrari LaBreaks LaCover at LaLast.

    Neil Briscoe

    Yes, this is it and it really is called LaFerrari. Not F150. Not F70. Not even Enzo II. La Ferrari.

    Whatever you think of the (faintly ridiculous) name, the LaFerrari will certainly punch as hard as you would expect of a range-topping, V12 hypercar. Its 6.3-litre engine produces an already heady 800bhp, but it’s tied into an F1-style KERS setup that allows an extra boost of 163bhp, taking power to 963bhp. That’s a lot, a heck of a lot in a car whose weight is being quoted at a mere 1,200kg. Or about the weight of a basic Ford Focus…

    Just 499 LaFerraris will be built, and each one will set its owner back a minimum of €1.3-million and yes, that’s before taxes. And delivery. And numberplates.

    Of course, few LaFerraris will ever actually see the light of day, but will instead be squirreled away as part of private collections. Those that do venture out onto the public road (or the race track) can expect savage performance. Ferrari is claiming a sub-7-minute lap time of the Nurbirgring (performance that puts the car on par with mid-eighties Le Mans racers, and that’s on standard road tyres). 0-100kmh should be dealt with in just over 3.0secs, but Ferrari doesn’t quote a top speed for the car, claiming that such things simply don’t matter. Interesting…

    The LaFerrari does seem a touch crude compared to its most significant new rival, the McLaren P1, though. The McLaren gets similar performance from a smaller (albeit turbocharged) engine and can run on pure electric power for brief bursts around town. Ferrari says that pure electric running will be incorporated into the LaFerrari if customers demand it, but it won’t be standard.

    You’d have to say it’s pretty stunning to look at though, much prettier by far than an Enzo and with stylistic throwbacks to classic Ferrari sports racers of the sixties and seventies.

    Now, if we could just get past that silly name…

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