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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: July 21, 2011 @ 11:51 am

    2012 Porsche 911 teased in new video

    Michael McAleer

    It is pretty difficult to catch up with all the developments over the years of the Porsche 911. Well the news is that there will be another 911 coming next year and it will be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show. As is so often the case these days, there is a teaser video and it does give us some clues as to what we should expect.

    YouTube Preview Image

    Large air intakes just ahead of the rear wheels

    Expect styling changes at the rear

    Is that a seven-speed manual gearbox?

    • Kynos says:

      OOOOOOHHHHH YEAAAHHHHH eat yer heart out Ferris. I want this on my day off.

    • peter barrins says:

      Paddy, in terms of your car reviews who exactly do you perceive to be your target audience? I have come to this blog quite recently but the majority of the cars featured are in excess of €50K and unlikely to be of any practical interest or relevance to the majority of readers. Porsche is a great company, innovative and the maker of some mighty fine cars. However, given their sales numbers in Ireland, they’re a niche brand within a niche. I’d like to see reviews of cars in the sub €30K price bracket please although articles on new technologies and so on are also welcome.

    • Kynos says:

      They’re only plus 50k until you take the plastic off the seats Peter. There’s such a thing as a used car market too you know. And everyone of those luscious chariots will one day be potential fodder for someone with 22K or so in his or her arsepocket. Or at least the chance of a loan from the credit union to that amount. I’ve two yokes that would maybe between them have cost their original purchasers 200K but they cost me about lessee 21K all told (including sourcing two replacement front wings for the XJ8 in a scrapper in Swords and the respray job ‘cos she had a dose of tinworm in the arches due to a previous bodger who didn’t refit them right) and only about 14K still owing on them. The XJ is 11 years old runninng sweet as a nut and the AMG only 6. Can only afford to tax one of them (and for a quarter year @ 442eur) at a time but what of it. The untzxed one stays in my drive and I can spend hours happily washing and waxing her and listening to Pink Floyd belting out the Harmonn Kardon 12 or 24 speaker system whichever one I’m playing the CD on. I’ll have them both til I die and me other yoke (a Camry with near 200K up 150 of it put there by me) I let my dad drive on condition he swaps her over for a lend of one of the other two whenever I need pull a trailertent boat or suchlike cos she’s the only one with a towbar. Never gives me a problem does the oul Camry. Great yoke. But my point being: should Rosemary McCabe eschew bringing us piccies of the latest beautiful stuff from Louboutin or Dior or Chanel or whatever and stick to photos and reviews of stuff from Dunnes and Penneys?? On the basis that’s all most of us can afford to put on our backs? Should Laurence forbear from discussing and showing us stuff by Jackson Pollack or Cy Twombley or yer man Hughie thing sorry last name escapes me and only focus on the works of Mr Turner (I mean Martyn) cos that’s the only art most of us can afford?? Exactly. Drive on Mr Comyn drive on.

    • Tom says:

      Peter I certainly would not be interested in articles about sub 30k cars , or the latest rep-mobile. I cannot afford 50K plus car at the moment , but I would be far more interested in the next exotic that the latest ford focus

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