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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: March 20, 2011 @ 8:08 am

    Motors goes charity karting

    Michael McAleer

    Motors is in Collon in County Louth for a charity endurance kart race. It is a very wet and windy morning and I have been asked to take part in what will be a 9am -6pm endurance race in Intrepid karts. I am and never will be a racer, but my line of work sees me asked to do such things from time to time and in the interests of charity it is hard to say no, although I wish I had now!

    Setting up

    The day will involve lots of pros and a few novices (that would be me) doing their best to kill each other in aid of Temple Street Hospital as well as a number of other notable charities.The karts themselves are really good and actually really fast, much faster than the ones you usually comes across when you pay a few Euro and get ordered about by some angry looking teenagers. This is different. This is proper karting where teams arrive in trucks and mechanics fiddly with suspension settings. What the hell am I doing here?

    My Kart for today

    Whiteriver Park in Collon, Co Louth

    We have been out for our first stint and all has gone well so far. The object of the race is that the winner is the team who competes the most laps so consistency is key. I am certainly not fast but then again I never did claim to be but I haven’t left the circuit and that is some achievement in my books.

    The race marshall has flagged me for apparently not putting my hand up when I was coming into the pits. I did, so now I am annoyed. Mr Wall, may I suggest a visit to Specsavers. On my team there is Mark and there is Peter, Mark is about 18 and Peter probably about 11 and they have two things, make that three things that I don’t. One is raw talent, two is experience (which includes some national championships) and the third is that they totally lack fear. It is wonderful to watch. They fling the car about like it is connected to them, while I am driving it like it wants to bite my legs off.

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