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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: August 19, 2010 @ 10:14 am

    What deceased cars would you like to see reborn?

    Michael McAleer

    The big news this week is that German billionaire, German auto parts magnate Michael Stoschek is funding a project to bring back the Lancia Stratos, based on a Ferrari F430. The carbon fibre Stratos will be officially revealed in November. So what cars would work well today?

    New 'Lancia' Stratos

    DeLorean DMC-12

    The classic original DeLorean was a bit rubbish really. It was way too expensive, didn’t have that much power and wasn’t very well built, yet was an iconic design. We would like to see Audi produce a 21st century version with the twin-turbo V6 petrol engine from the Audi RS5.

    DeLorean MC-12

    Fiat Coupe

    Produced between 1993 and 2000, the Fiat Coupe was a beautiful car that is already regarded as a modern day classic. However it was built at a time when Fiat were producing some truly awful cars and a modern interpretation of the car with a 1.4-litre turbo engine with 180hp would be a gem.

    Fiat Coupe

    Citroen DS

    Not the recent cartoon-like Mini rival, but rather the proper, regal, floaty DS that makes sitting in the back of a Mercedes Benz S-Class feel like you are on a donkey and cart.

    Citroen DS

    Triumph Stag

    This handsome cruiser could be made by BMW, with the V10 from the M5 and a SMG gearbox. It would also probably not rust.

    Triumph Stag

    Opel Signum

    Ok, this might sound like an odd one, but the Signum was doing what executive brands are now calling things like Sportback. The Signum, reinterpreted by a rejuvinated Opel could actually work again. I may be very wrong on this one.

    Opel Signum

    So guys, tell us the cars you would like to see re-interpreted by modern manufacturers. Maybe some of them will be a bit more sensible than mine.

    • John Madden says:

      I’ll say the same thing about the DeLorean as was said to Clarkson about the Ford GT. Let’s see you get out of one in a shopping centre car park on a Saturday afternoon.

      Other than that, nice list. There are a few cars where I’d rather see the revamped old version instead of it’s modern replacement – lose the Clio and let’s have a Renault 5 (suitably modernised), Cortina instead of the Focus Saloon, that kind of thing.

    • Des Canine says:

      The Citroen DS. Most beautiful car ever made.

    • cold mike says:

      Oh Goodness! Rubs hands at the thought

      I’d go for the Citroen CX, the original was prone to rust and had typically difficult electrics and DIY unfriendly mechanics under the bonnet. Alfasud 1.5 Ti again the rust and electrics, great little car.
      BMW 6 E24 far superior lines to the so called successor with its bloat. Of course the seductive look would probably be compromised by safety rules and regulations.

    • i-róc says:

      I would love to own a Mercedes 560SEC but built on a CL55 chassis.
      I also agree that the older shape BMW 6 Series with modern underpinnings would be fantastic.

    • Well, DeLorean DMC-12 is my child dream anyway. I simply adore it’s agressive design and gullwing doors. Would like to see it with a renewed design and a really powerfull turbo engine, so it maybe the best sport coupe on the market.

    • robespierre says:

      Triumh Spitfire – the first attempt at an affordable sports car. It is was light, floaty and had a surprising amount of power for its engine size (even though a well kept micra would keep up nowadays).

      Great car.

    • Seanie fITZ says:

      the Citroen DS pictured above is the most elegant car i have ever seen! what era is it from?

    • i-roc says:

      My dream is available now. A Jaguar XJS re-engineered by Knowles Wilkins.

    • top notch says:

      How about the Volvo P1800, I know nothing about it other than “The Saint” drove one, and that it looks pretty.

    • Paddy Comyn says:

      Between 1955 and 1975

    • Mike says:

      Borgward Isabella – this car was decades ahead of its time – it was just too reliable to survive!

    • Pogmothon says:

      DS – most beautiful car ever. And an E-Type Jag.

    • Deirdre says:

      It’s not quite a resurrection, but I’d love to see the electric Mini brought to market. I can’t believe Mini developed a prototype and then decided they weren’t going to bother making it!

    • MP says:

      Bring back the Saab 900 / 9-3. That hatch back style was much nicer than the present 9-3, which is still a very good car.

    • dave says:

      Citroen DS.. A car before its time. Its shape was and still is striking. I’d do something else with the rather old fashioned boxy top part though, round it off a liitle, or something. But it’s a real head turner. Majestic, unique and classy. Though some DS models are more so in all these repects than others.

    • James Mahon says:

      Citroen Ds + Peugeot 205

    • SS says:

      How about the Lancia Fulvia – they did recently have a prototype but didn’t bring it to production?

    • Froggy says:

      They should revive the only true muscle car ever produced in Europe: the Peugeot 205 GTI 1.6.
      Peugeot has given us some ‘sporty’ cars since (including the 205 GTI 1.9), but nothing has ever been half good enough to compare with the first generation of the 205 GTI.
      Also Renault should bring back the real Twingo (first generation, which was denied to the UK and Irish markets), not the ersatz of a Clio that it has now become. Its looks were an instant case of love-it-or-hate-it type of car, no mixed feelings.

    • dave says:

      Also loved the Renault 4, and their really easy gears that were at the dash and steering wheel level. So so so easy to use. So easy to change, unlike floor gears. Why oh why I always wonder do they have to drop something that works so well.

      General tip from someone very wise:

      The older you get, the more you’ll realise that when you find something that suits you very very well, be it a pair of great fitting, comfortable shoes, or a sweater…or a partner even!!…get two of these, because when the first one wears out or you damage it, you’ll go out searching for a replacement and you very likely will be told after much fruitless searching : “Sorry, but they don’t make them anymore”. The new version is often not to your liking, or it has som problem with it, or they now make them in Timbuktu, and are simply not quite the same as your original. Only then will you realise that you should have got a back up.

      Am I right??

    • Pablo says:

      Its got to be the Ford Capri……………please please please please

      Brilliant car, ridiculous, but brilliant.

    • martin ryan says:

      For me a RHD Lancia Delta Integrale Evoloution in Martini Livery

    • Mary Quinn says:

      Would love to have a triumph spitfire. Could not afford it then but maybe able to buy it now. Boyfriend had a Renault 4 but there was an iron bar in the middle of the front seat-very uncomfortable

    • Andrea says:

      Lancia Fulvia

    • John Boylan says:

      Got to be the Morris Minor

    • john says:

      1969 plymouth gtx 7.1litre (440 cu.in.) engine henderson 4 speed shifter 4/11 rears 750 dual feed holley carb
      edelblock intake with headers

    • Richard says:

      I am with you all on the Renault 4 my Mum had two one after the other, the Kangoo is not the same at all.

      I like the idea of the Stag and the Spitfire, but what about my (personal favourite) the TR6, it would probably be really pricey though!

      The Citroen 2CV was an excellent concept like the R4, we dont have small cheap family cars any more, they are all really pricey and over complex, I like the idea of a simple easy to fix, easy to access engine, in a simple practical body.

    • Middle-aged reminiscer says:

      Fiat should remake the 128 3p, A rustproof version this time. Fun, fun, fun, cheap, cheap, cheap (Ban it for under 40s though!)

    • Robert Gifford says:

      Rover P5B coupe with an Audi 4.2 V8 engine/gearbox with quattro

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    • yuga says:

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