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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: August 12, 2010 @ 5:59 pm

    Would you pay to have your own county registration?

    Michael McAleer

    A proposal by the Society of the Irish Motor Industry has been put forward that would allow buyers of used cars to have their registration changed to their own county for a fee. At the SIMI press conference, Alan Nolan, Director General called on the Government to allow buyers of used cars to re-register their vehicle in their home country.

    “At the moment, many motorists drive cars with another county’s registration plate but most would prefer to drive a car with their own county’s stamp on it. We propose that car owners who want to do so should be able to get their registration changed to one from their country,” said Nolan.

    So, do you agree? Would ‘most’ of you prefer to change your car to the county you are from, if it isn’t already? And would you be prepared to pay €250 to do so? The idea is that if you are from Cork and you happen to buy a used car from say, Kerry, that both tribal and financial reasons would come into play. You might want to be seen in a car that is sporting your own country registration and that when you come to trade in your car locally in a few years that your dealer will be more welcoming. It is an interesting idea, but it does beg some questions. For a start, how would this system be implemented and just how long would this take to be agreed upon in the first place. Secondly, if the original registration plate remains recorded on the vehicle logbook, will car dealers still try and offer customers with the ‘wrong’ type of car an inferior trade-in price? Thirdly, with two registration numbers associated with one car, wil criminals have a field day when it comes to car cloning? This is already an increasing problem in Ireland.

    So, tell us. Would you be prepared to change your registration plates if you could? Why would you and would you be prepared to pay for it?

    • Shane Teskey says:

      I can see it now on classified listings “Genuine” Kerry Car!

    • LiamK says:

      daft idea – get rid of the county altogether would be better, who cares what county a car was registered in.

    • Michael says:

      Question : “So, tell us. Would you be prepared to change your registration plates if you could? Why would you and would you be prepared to pay for it?”

      Answer :
      Part 1 – No.
      Part 2 – No.
      Part 3 – No.

      Next question, please.

    • Hugh says:

      At the moment, many motorists drive cars with another county’s registration plate but most would prefer to drive a car with their own county’s stamp on it. We propose that car owners who want to do so should be able to get their registration changed to one from their country,”

      This is utter garbage. What motorists want is to have non-calendar year reg plates so they won’t be embarrassed by driving a 3+ year old car now that the Celtic Tiger has sputtered to a halt and is rolling back down the hill, backwards.

      Stuck with a 04-D-7865 Boxster? The shame.

    • cold mike says:

      I would pay to NOT have certain county plates which many use to pre-judge the condition of a cars suspension and drive-train. Basically anything west of the Shannon, Kerry, ‘bog counties’ and “drumlin country”.

    • Conor says:

      I’d be more intersted in a DVLA style system – Proof the car never been in an accident, stolen, actual mileage etc etc.

      Personally I’d never purchase a second hand vehicle in ireland – no-one seems to have the concept of full service history. A car / bike etc is worth exactly half its value without one.

    • mikey says:

      Yes, its a good idea and yes ,Kerry woukd be a nice co reg to have

    • Brendan says:

      How about removing the year part from the reg altogether, it would remove the pressure on people to sell perfectly good cars just to be seen with a new car reg and make for a fairer second hand market.

      SIMI won’t be pushing for that I bet.

    • Seamus Carroll says:

      This is the dumbest idea I’ve seen for a long time.
      A €250 voluntary tax whch will benefit the payer not at all, while providing the next potential buyer of that car with the valuable information that the vendor is a gullible idiot.

    • Simi is actually calling for a complete review of the registration plate and its proposals include the removal of the year from the plate. They blame the prominence of the year for the skewed sales pattern in the Irish car market, where 76 per cent of the new car business takes place in the first six months.

    • JB Lynch says:

      The Plates with year and county should be scrapped. In this computerised age all that is needed is a unique alpha numeric within a limit of characters, just like email names.

    • Mick O'Shea says:

      I’d pay extra – it embarrasses me that someone would think I’m from Cork

    • Joe says:

      No, not really, Because I wouldnt buy a car from one of the “undesirable” counties anyway! DL….Boyraced on bad roads, CN, bad roads, OY, RN, KY, MO, LM, LD not well looked after generally etc etc….All unsaleable!! Service histories?! What service histories?!! Irish people don’t understand the concept. But then, UK cars need their mileages double checked as they can look good on the outside…..but many are clocked.

    • Mike says:

      I would pay for a personalised number plate that I could transfer everytime I change my car.

    • James says:

      I would pay about e50 to change a country reg to a Dublin one.
      Not much more.
      It is a good idea – I imagine most people would a plate from their home county – it creates a better 26 county car market.

    • Sean Tobin says:

      Answers to your 3 questions, No, Why would I and No

    • Mark Finglas says:

      I think that being able to change a county on your reg plate makes huge sense and will also add value to high end cars. If I buy a new BMW or Mercedes and register it in Cork and decide 3 years later that I want to trade it in to a dealer in Dublin, the car will be worth quite a bit less in Dublin with a ‘C’ reg. I purchased a new BMW in 2008 and I registered with a Dublin address even though I live in Cork because I reckon that wherever I take the car to trade it in, it will be easier with a ‘D’ reg.
      Another thought to consider, if one imports a classic car or motorcycle (30 years or older) at the moment, you have 2 options open to you, an age related number ie 79 C 1111 or a 5 digit ZV number (eg ZV 99999) which looks all wrong. My suggestion is for a nominal fee say €100 offer a third option of one of the old Irish registration numbers (eg 1234 ZE). Also if it were offered retrospectively for people with the ZV’s or 79 C’s it would be a revenue generator for our government. I e mailed this idea to Noel Dempsey and after an initial response that they were looking at the idea, I heard no more. Typical of this administration.

    • Kieran says:

      A great idea. I was only discussing this with someone during the week. Didn’t know there was talk about it. I’m from Cork and I tried to trade in a “G” Reg BMW with Frank Keane BMW and they wouldn’t take it as they said Dublin people would only buy “D” Rge and maybe “KE” or “MH”. The last BMW I imported from UK, I had registered to a Dublin address to get the “D” Reg for re-sale value. Also, I know people who are big into GAA and would never ever buy a “KY” car because of the Cork Kerry rivalry. I don’t see any harm in having this option available although I do agree with other comments suggesting that the Year be removed from the Reg plate.

    • This idea is financially impossible to implement unless ALL motorists are levied to cover the cost. It would cost well over ten million euro to develop such a system and at least several hundred thousand euro per year to maintain. Think about every government IT system that has to be upgraded (including gardai), every paper based form that has to be reprinted, staff training and obviously a new database to track plate transfers. Note also banks would have to change their processes, as well as insurers and those in the motoring industry itself. The UK system is a mess, and recently the French have moved away from a private plate system for similar reasons. I suspect that very few people would be willing to spend Eur 250 on a plate change, probably in the low thousands. If the true cost of a plate transfer is reflected in the price, I trust Kerry drivers would rather have a thousand euro in their pocket and suffer the embarrassment. Given the amount of Dublin plates in Kerry, they seem to handle it fine.

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