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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: July 30, 2010 @ 2:48 pm

    Motors Road Test Archive is Live!

    Michael McAleer

    Our new road test archive is now live on our website, with over 440 road tests, spanning several hundred thousand miles of test driving.

    And how things have changed over the years. And in most cases for the better. Back in 2002, when we tested the Mercedes E-Class E270 CDi, a car with 177hp and 425Nm of torque, it cost €68,000 and €1,146 to tax each year. Which was fine if you were a developer at the start of the Celtic Tiger years. But some eight years later, the E220CDi comes with 170hp and 400Nm of torque and will cost you €24,575 less at €43,425 and will cost you just €156 to tax each year. That is quite a change in just eight years.

    We now talk about emissions rather than engine size and back then diesel cars were still in the minority, making up 17 percent of the market and now almost the reverse it true.

    And as you’ll find from the archive, we’re not afraid to tell it as it is, as our Nissan Tiida review shows. If we don’t like the car, we don’t mince our words.

    We have driven some amazing cars over the years, from the Bugatti Veyron to the Lamborghini Reventon and everything in between but it is the everyday cars which are still at the heart of the weekly road test and it is often as likely that we will take as much joy from a €25,000 hot hatch as a €250,000 supercar.

    My favourite car has been the Volkswagen Golf GTi, a car that for me has been the best all-rounder of the last few years and is still the only car that I really hate leaving back.

    This is the first time that there has been such extensive access to a road test archive anywhere in Ireland and it is free of charge, too. It will allow you to look back over different generations of models and will be particularly useful if you are buying a used car as you can get an idea of how much it cost when it was new and also what we thought of it back then.

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